What’s Write For You? 5 Copywriting Tips


Copywriting tips 101: We made you look with that intentional typo error, right?

That is the beauty of copywriting; a slight nuance in text can make a world of difference.

The power of words is often undermined as compared to its more attention grabbing cousin, visuals; copywriting can leave as much of a impact too.

Unsure where to start? Here’s some tips from Adssential to help you out!


Before diving into the gist of any piece of written work, the first thing that catches our eye is the headline.

An interesting headline can be as impressionable as a well-shot visual can often be much costlier and difficult to produce. The headline should summarise the message and at the same time be memorable as well.

The usage of puns and wordplay have often resulted in impactful and powerful headlines.


copywriting mistakes You wouldn’t want to make a mistake like this!



As brands, professionalism is a top priority when addressing consumers. The tone in the crafted messages may sound deadbeat and sometimes prissy. You know the saying, “Walk a mile in their shoes”. Put yourselves in the audiences’ shoes, understand what drives them to respond to different messages.

Different industries have different audiences hence you can develop different copywriting styles for each of them.

A message aimed at consumers of a certain region can include hints of local colloquial terms and slang to give it a personal touch, keeping the message relatable.


copywriting identity You Stand out with your own identity!



With every piece of copywriting work, there is a message to be sent across.

Simplicity is key, it is not always necessary to impress with your repertoire of big words and lengthy paragraphs.

More often that not, these will not read well with audiences. Visuals can help to engage audiences’ attention span, sort of like allowing the eyes to catch a breather from the text.


simple copywriting Don’t overdo things!



Be clear with what you want your audience to understand and act on after receiving the message; a subtle call-to-action (CTA) can nudge your audience in the direction you want to drive them towards. What is the next course of action audiences should take after reading the copy? You decide.



Don’t be disheartened when the first draft does not come out right. Rome was not built in a day, neither will your piece of copy. Even this article was revised at least two times before approval.

Continue to write and fine-tune your piece until it reads right to your audience with our copywriting tips.

Take heed to not over-revise the copy, remember that simplicity is key but not to the point where the message loses its meaning as well!

There are no true hard and fast rules in copywriting and in an ever-changing world, styles and trends will continue to evolve with times.

Find your own identity and make your message clearer to the audience you want to communicate with!

Better still, if you’re still unsure on the direction with your business, let Adssential Marketing help you out. Drop us a message and let the professionals guide you in find the write style for you!

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