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Building a marketing campaign from scratch can sound daunting, especially when you have no clue where to begin, what tools to use, what direction you would like to go. However, once you settle on the type of campaign you would like to run, the rest usually flows from there. Today, we will run through several common types of marketing campaigns you can create with different marketing tools and the kind of results you can expect in the process.



website audience segmentation




Search Engine Optimisation or better known as SEO, is a form of specific search engine marketing that is engaged through a variety of marketing activities and is considered a continuous long-term push to attain visibility for your chosen keywords. It usually can take up to 6 months to see results but works well as a pulling mechanism for prospects who tend to be skeptics or prefer the organic feeling of discovering products and services. While it takes a huge effort to set a good foundation, once you have it up and running, it will be a little easier to manage if you have the human resources for it.



Search Engine Marketing or SEM is another commonly known form of search engine marketing where you build ad campaigns based off stunning headlines and a bidding system on keywords to gain a top position on the search engine to market yourself to your target group. This form of search engine marketing can quickly propel your visibility to the top of the search engine in weeks but can cost quite a bit if not done well and can be a hassle to set up and do research on. You would also need to build or have existing landing pages that you can link the ads to, if you require a stunning landing page buildup, you can contact our web design team here to boost your search engine marketing ROI.



Email marketing or eDM as it is commonly known, compared to search engine marketing, is a more traditional form of advertising. With stricter and stricter privacy laws, it can be difficult to cold market yourself out to your target segment. Of course, a lot of businesses still use this as a method of keeping customers updated with the latest products news and can be a good way to increase sales within existing customers. Therefore, to pull in new customers, search engine marketing is still considered the way to go.


Social Media

Social Media Marketing is a platform that is still not as widely used as search engine marketing but is becoming the go-to platform for B2C businesses. Using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, a lot of businesses are able to customize their ad parameters using demographics or psychographics to segment show relevant ads to target customers and push their products out into the market. Similar to search engine marketing, these advertising platforms usually run on a bidding system where the top bidder gets to appear the most, therefore, it can be quite easy to run out of marketing budget very quickly and has to be managed well to be effective for ROI.


website audience segmentation


In most companies, you will execute more than one marketing campaign at any time, that can be quite a daunting task if you do not have the manpower or creative resources. If you would like to start building your marketing campaign but am not sure how to go about it, Adssential’s digital marketing team can assist you with constructing you own unique strategy and even help you execute it! Contact us here today to find out more!

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