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Social media marketing harvests the power of your target segments’ most preferred social media platform, to build a community of loyal customers and backlinks to enhance search engine optimisation efforts.

As a media marketing agency, we believe social media marketing attract customers similar to your existing audience by advertising on popular social media platforms with the right type of content and target audience. These social media strategy will be fruitful in the long run with the right conceptualization on social branding be it on facebook ads, Linkedin ads, Instagram or Twitter.


Organic Search Engine Results

Guaranteed Exposure

A very high percentage of the population have social media accounts and are active on different platforms. Establish the right social media advertising will help guaranteed a way to reach out to your audience actively.

Increase SEO Ranking

Build Strong Relationship With Social Media Advertizing

Interact with your audience directly beyond traditional direct marketing messages to build brand loyalty,credibility and a strong customer relationship.

SEO Lead Generation

Build Strong Customer Relationship

Engage with consumer through social media and build strong relationship throughout customer enquiring to purchasing journey with daily blog post or promotional collateral to keep audience engaged.

SEO Credibility

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Drive traffic with search engines that utilises the power of your social media presence as a factor in ranking your website’s value, trustworthiness and credibility.

Search Engine Measurement

Target and Retarget your audience with marketing message

Audience targeting capabilities and the right marketing strategy in social media empower you with the ability to target ideal buyers with the ideal purchasing behavior.

Optimized SEO

Understand Consumer Insights

Deep dive into your competitors with a holistic competitive analysis. Interact with customers on the ground to get a better understanding of their wants and needs, helping you to target them with better adverts.

Your Social Media Partner

By updating regularly on social media platforms with the right digital marketing strategy will improve your traffic and conversion rates. There are different social media tactics to be deployed, it can be a constant post or sponsored advertisement. Your competition is already increasing on social media day by day, so do not let your competitors take your potential customers away and engage Adssential Marketing, your social media marketing strategy partner.

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FAQ about Social Media Marketing

Why should I use social media for marketing purposes?

Did you know that on average, people allocate 30% of their online interactions to social media? In order get ahead of your competitors, facebook marketing will be one social media channels you can utilise. There are many social media platform that can help to build strong brand awareness and garner more leads and repeat purchases.

How can I implement social media marketing in a B2B context?

B2C businesses focus on engaging with consumers while solving their pain points or engaging them early during their exploration journey. While in B2B context, social media can help in disseminating valuable industry content while educating new or existing searchers on the benefit of your solutions. You will be able to highlight how your solutions can add value or solve a pain point. Regardless of a B2C or B2B environment, social media profiles can help create a closer bond between the prospect and your business.

Who will provide my website’s content?

While content writing services with Adssential can be arranged, we know for a fact that website content works the best when it comes from a person of expertise on your business’ products/services. As such, we would recommend that your team of experts come up with the website content.

How fast before I start seeing results for social media marketing?

Some businesses start receiving leads and enquiries from day 1 while others may only start to see results after 6 to 12 months of social media marketing efforts. To see results as soon as possible it is important to set proper targets, persona and strategies. Adssential Marketing can help you to achieve your desired goals based on strategies deployed after understanding user personas and industry competition.

What are the fees incurred for running social media ads?

Adssential Marketing grows with any organization that believes in us. We charge a minimum management fee and produce results before scaling accordingly with company requirements. These fees are inclusive of strategies planning, image creation, organic posting, ads placement, targeted segment and A/B testing conducted by us.

Break Through The Clutter With The Right Social Marketing Plan