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Getting ranked and positioning to be the first in all search engines will be the nicest picture every organization wish to achieve. It is like mixing and battering in a cooking class, constant effort and attention needed to bake a perfect cake. Thus, in the SEO world, credibility and key metrics is important to achieve desired results. These SEO metrics are put in placed to measure the credibility of a website.

Visitor often wonder, what makes a website credible?

How do we prove that websites are credible?

What are the factors and tell-tale signs that an organization is legit and does not contain any spam ware, malware or scams?

Will anybody consider buying from a site without a https, a secured layer encryption?

Let’s be honest, it would not gain much trust and purchases.


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There are tools which Adssential Marketing employs to measure your success and credibility of a website to improve your search rankings ultimately. At Adssential Marketing, our team of professional digital guru perform a credibility check and assign key metrics to measure your website success and credibility.

These utilities are none other than Google Search Console and Google Analytics.



Google Search Console:

Nobody is going to find a website if your web is not even indexed. Proper indexing files and tags must be in place for search engine robots to crawl. That is why a constant check in indexed pages is crucial.

If your pages take an unusual long time to be indexed, a manual check and submission must be executed to ensure credibility of website. Always take note of the pages that have been crawled for the past 90 days. If google is not crawling well, there might be too much items that is consuming too much of google system resources.

Check duplicate titles and descriptions! A rule of thumb, never to have duplication When multiple pages contain similar topic, this can indefinitely dilute your page authority and limit ability to rank well pushing your metrics credibility low.


Google Analytics:

Some SEO metrics we must monitor on. Basically, organic traffic, organic bounce rate, organic conversion rate, top exit pages for organic traffic, breakdown of organic traffic from Bing and Google, keywords ranked in google, local visibility and click through rate.

Organic traffic defined as traffic earn from appearing in search engine results pages (SERP) without paying. This is an important metrics to measure your success and credibility. A high-ranking page will assure visitor a sense of security and legit company.

After all, we would always measure our SEO metrics with organic placement as these are the profit generating area as we do not need to spend a single cent when a user click.


Understand your website better with bounce rate, organic conversion rate and top exit pages. They are correlated to one another, organic bounce rate measures the percentage of users leaving your website. A high bounce reflects a bad landing page which needs to be improve and capture user attention. This SEO metric is crucial in determining if a user would explore your website further. Always capture the user attention and have them converted.


website audience segmentation


The other SEO metrics that helps to measure your website credibility and positioning will be the keywords rank in search engine.

You may consult Adssential Marketing to generate a simple 10 keywords positioning ranking to have a check on your visibility in the digital world. Always capitalize on your existing success and build stronger local visibility and click through rate.


Unsure on the different SEO metrics to be deployed in your website? Start a chat with Adssential and get guidance and metrics you deserve absolutely free of charge. Adssential guru will provide a holistic assessment and advise on different search engine optimisation (SEO) metrics to be used based on your industry and target segment.


website audience segmentation

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