SEO Leads Generation

Constantly improving and optimizing your search engine ranking will boost visitors. Resulting in an increase in leads.


It is no secret how web users generate leads; the best way to capture and increase your website conversion is based on an underlying website conversion funnel and nice web design structure.


An optimized conversion funnel may result in barely breaking even or generating healthy profit for your organization through a simple website.


It should maximize the profit from marketing campaign with constant leads. If your goal is to get leads converted, or any action, you thus have a conversion funnel.


For example, a conversion funnel diagram shown above with approximately 10 000 visitors, amounting to 40% of users leaving due to a poor website formatting and SEO ranking factor that isn’t generating enough leads. In this context, leads mean visitors.


That leaves us with approximately 6000 searches. These 6000 visitors will be further reduced by about 35% due to a poor product page with no viable knowledge or product details/explanation causing searches to hit the X button almost instantaneously.



website audience segmentation


We are now left with less than half of our visitors at 2500 mark. This is not the end of our funnel, poor call to action will further reduce our leads. Let us plug in some numbers of roughly 15% reduced based on research made and that leaves us with about 1000 visitors.


In retrospect, these 1000 visitors will be further reduced due to personal interest or decision making and we are left with only 2% of the whole lot of 10 000 visitors we started with. Amounting to only 200 enquiries.


This will bring us to a point on how SEO and lead generation or conversion funnel is interlinked? SEO is focused on increasing web traffic and with good web ranking and positioning it will be easier to generate leads. A lead funnel is presented in this context as everybody classify leads differently, thus leads can be in a form of newsletter submission, web visits, web conversion, web comparison, call button click or even to another website. These are web master defined leads generation which they would like to track.


Thus, let us improve on SEO leads with proper lead generation guide and conversion funnel. As we have explained on how search ranking boost web traffic and conversion funnel helps to better recognize lead generated. We would further talk about how we can further rank ourselves higher among the others by conducting 7 different techniques.



Auditing Website

A check on your website is necessary to better improve your website and find broken links (404 errors), titles and meta descriptions that are against google standard character limit (or even worse: missing), and so on—so. Thus, Adssential team of professional does have a website audit scan to better provide you some statistic on your website.


Perform Keyword Research

Research on keywords that are main cash cow for your business. Related queries and terms should be the building blocks for an SEO content strategy. You may also engage Adssential to provide you search engine related blogs.

Always understand your business and relations of your audience and customers. Do not create content based on assumptions or abstract terminology that people are not searching on. This will further reduce your lead generation score.


website audience segmentation


Update Existing On-page Content

Content is king. People do not like to waste their time searching for products and items. They love to be engaged in useful, engaging, and accessible content. While SEO does drive big crowd to a website, the quality of the content and user experience is one of the keys performing area that will keep people engaged and convert.

Identify areas that are of high bounces, anything above 60% bounce rate would be a high indicator. These are the areas that should be prioritized and refined to better retain and generate potential leads.


Check for On-page, Off-page, Technical errors

Apart from above mention on-page content, we must also pay attention to google changes and new updates. Always perform white hat SEO to prevent being penalize by search engine robots. Ensure that on page, off page and technical errors are iron out with google ever changing methodology in improving SEO ranking.


Benchmark Competitor Performance

It may seem rather complicated to analyze competitors’ performance with SEO lead generation. It is simple, just by doing a comparison on the keywords. If a competitor is performing better than you based on the search terms. Dig into the reason such as the strategies used, the copy created the engagement level and call to actions available or even technical issues hindering the ranks.


Create an Ongoing Content Strategy

A constant blog or content add value to your target audience, a key factor in generating leads. Once a visitor realizes the importance and insights of your content and information. They will be willing to sign up for newsletter to receive daily updates keeping themselves updated and knowledgeable.

An ongoing content strategy combined with LSI keyword research and web auditing will significantly assist in SEO lead generation campaign as a strong brand recognition and presence is being form.


Create Backlink Strategy

Backlinks are important SEO factors that are crucial in improving ranks. It is seen as a vote of website credibility by search engines. However, there are different backlinks that we must employ while improving and generating leads. Such inbound linking and outbound linking with different tag “rel=follow” or even “rel=nofollow”. These are tags that helps to advise search engine robots to crawl or pass through.

Links are also rank based on domain and link authority. Google is highly suspicious of any artificial linking activities and will penalize site that have are irrelevant or is not organic. Do not buy links or engage in shady activities when it comes to inbound links. It might backfire badly, wasting years of your effort.

Generate Leads in 1, 2, 3!