Increase Organic Search Engine Traffic (SEO)

As a ‘Bull’ marketing mechanism, leaving SEO on its own will still generate website visits and possibly conversion.


By putting in the extra effort to achieve the best SEO practices recommended by Google, you can expect visible results by increasing organic SEO traffic. While some people might be more inclined to spend the money and get faster results with SEM, increasing organic SEO traffic using best practices is practically free.


For a newcomer to understanding how SEO and SEM differs, they can always look upon our blogs and article on understanding SEO and SEM to better understand the properties of SEO ranking. Increasing organic ranking is a constant process and does not happen in just one day. A hiatus in your 6 months plan may disrupt the ranking process in achieving first page position.


website audience segmentation


In this article today, we will run you through several best practices to increase organic SEO traffic.

1.Meta Text and Meta Description

– Ensure have keywords in them

– 50–160 characters

– Does not affect ranking but is important for click through

– Avoid duplicate


2.Having images and videos in content

– Google images drives traffic
– Found through alt text of images


3.Mobile friendly sites

– Accelerated Mobile Pages
– Easy navigation = better customer experience = repeat visits or sharing to friend = increase traffic


    website audience segmentation


    While these are just some of the key best practices our digital marketing experts have put together, there is a lot of other methods that our SEO experts implement on your site to increase organic SEO traffic. There are other methods which we will discuss further on Improving SEO Visibility page such as 5xx status, 4xx status, title tags, DNS resolution and many more. These are some on page and off page SEO issues that most organization face which needs to be ironed out to better rank organically.


    SEO can be very taxing and time-consuming especially when you are first starting out on a new site or when you already have a pre-existing site with no SEO foundations, our team at Adssential can easily take over these tasks and return you with a website optimized for SEO and continue the management of it to help you increase free organic SEO traffic. Contact us here today for a free consultation!


    website audience segmentation

    Effective Organic SEO Techniques