Mobile First Indexing

Mobile First Indexing

Understanding Google Mobile Indexing Strategy

Years of implementing and testing has seen a bold move made by Google to move into mobile first indexing start September 2020.


Google smart algorithm and technology will automatically switch a domain or subdomain to mobile first indexing. Upon switching, users will notice an increase in Googlebot crawlers to better rectify and update mobile first index websites.


We call it the new SEO ranking which from past record; over 50% of what google indexes are indexed over mobile first indexing.


A good website would automatically be picked up by Google to be converted into mobile first indexing. There are also multiple ways to check for mobile first indexing, either through the setting page in the Google search console or the URL inspection tool when enquiring about specific URLs.


The basic SEO rules and guide still apply; be it in the previous version of desktop first indexing or the latest mobile first indexing.Google Mobile Desktop Site

What Should I Do?

Don’t panic, it’s not the end of the world! Follow these rules and pointers and execute them properly to prevent google from penalizing and unorthodox practice or method.


  • Content: Ensure there is strong content, valuable information and a mobile ready page which include high quality text, videos, links.
  • Structured data: Always ensure a consistent structured data throughout both platforms, mobile and desktop, avoid adding unnecessary structured data.
  • Metadata: A consistent flow between desktop and mobile for titles, descriptions, keywords and meta tags
  • Hreflang: if you use rel=hreflang for internationalization, ensure the country point of origin for URL is being used.
  • Social metadata: OpenGraph tags, Twitter cards and other social metadata should be included on the mobile version as well as the desktop version.
  • Sitemap: Keep an accessible sitemap for both desktop and mobile. Which includes all trust signals, links, privacy and robots’ directives.
  • Server: Host server to be modern and up to date, providing fast, dedicated bandwidth and can handle at fast speed.


The change of mobile indexing does not generate a new “mobile-first” index, it simply changes how content is added to existing indexes.


Google will always rely on indexes be it mobile first or desktop first as supposed, with the new mobile first indexing.


Google determines the ranks based on mobile and at different circumstances, desktop will be considered too.Capture Leads Digitally

What If I Do Not Have A Mobile Site?

Be it mobile or desktop sites, here at Adssential Marketing we can create and cater to your specific needs based on mobile first indexing. We create compelling content and mobile indexed websites according to google guidelines. We offer SEO analysis to evaluate your on-page, off-page and technical seo issues. Not to forget mobile indexing; it’s one of our priorities during evaluation and our objective is to manage and fix problems or issues that may arise.


Mobile-first indexing is definitely not the easiest problem to resolve, so if you’re unsure on what you may need to do, why not drop us a message at [email protected] and let the professionals help you out instead!

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