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Ranking at the top of the Google search engine is no easy feat, but with such strong competition from search engine listings all over the world, how would you be able to get a first- or second-page ranking?
With Google’s never-ending obsession in finding you the most relevant search, Google actually has an algorithm that caters to keyword searches based on your geographical location.


This means that businesses can now “lessen” the competition by fighting for local SEO visibility. Local SEO Visibility is key to a business that focuses on the domestic market or targets markets and keywords in one specific location as you no longer need to fight on the international market to gain visibility.


website audience segmentation


Method For Better SEO Visibility

Below are a few ways your local business can gain local SEO visibility by fixing all errors and apply proper method and listing

  • Google Business listing
  • Google/Facebook reviews
  • Engage in local language/ have area or country name in your keywords
  • Gaining SEO traffic from the area you are in
  • 5XX status code Check
  • 4XX status code check
  • Duplicate title tags
  • Duplicate content issues
  • Internal broken links
  • Crawl Errors (Webmaster Tool)
  • DNS resolution issues (Hosting)
  • Incorrect URL formats
  • Internal broken images
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Robots Text
  • XML Sitemap Format Error
  • XML Sitemap Optimization (incorrect pages – Redirection)
  • WWW resolve issue
  • Viewport tag (Responsive)
  • HTML size optimization
  • Canonical Tags
  • Https Redirection for all pages
  • Broken canonical link
  • Multiple canonical URLs
  • Broken internal JavaScript and CSS files
  • External Broken Links
  • External Broken Images
  • H Tag Optimization
  • Duplicate H1 and title tags
  • Too many on-page links
  • Do not have alt attributes
  • Low word count
  • No follow Internal Links
  • xml not indicated in robots.txt
  • Images are formatted as page link
  • Pages should have more than 1 internal links
  • Orphaned pages
  • Schema Mark up


website audience segmentation


While gaining local SEO visibility is much easier, it is crucial that your website is not purely optimized for such a market if your target market expands beyond as this might affect your other keyword rankings. Above fix will help you achieve better results as its not fixed to just your target market as these are some technical issues needs to be cleared. The market to target truly depends on your strategy and positioning of information based on your industry and segment.

 Check In On An SEO Agency

Without a SEO expert to carefully analyse and research local ranking, it can still be difficult to rank despite the smaller competition. If you are facing difficulties in achieving a high keyword ranking and increasing local SEO visibility, contact our team of SEO experts here and we can help you assess your current digital marketing strategy.


website audience segmentation

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