Strategy planning

Drive Results With Good Strategy Planning

A good marketing strategy will drive sales and leads for your business. Going in blindly and expecting great results is a mistake made by many businesses. To perform a holistic marketing plan, it encompasses both traditional marketing and digital marketing techniques.

Anyone could jump into digital marketing such as Google Ads with zero planning of an attack and flank strategy and achieve results. Are we achieving the best among these results? Can we achieve further results? Are these results fully optimized to its best capability?

You would need a planned budget & strategy, picking of medium, keywords and landing pages to perfect a strong click through rate and high enquiry.

Strategy Planning & Budget

The first step in creating a good marketing strategy plan is to allocate an acceptable budget to work with. The costs for digital marketing vary from industries and is also partly influenced by the competition present in the industry.

A simple way work around through digital marketing would be to plan and strategize your budget based on keywords CPC * Clicks Needed to Convert One User Based on Average Conversion.

In short, this would mean that you would expect a lead to be costing you x amount of dollars based on keywords and competition it would have.

In order to better optimize this, cheaper keywords with less volume might work well or keywords that are pain points that your customers are facing might be effective.

Select your Medium

The second step lies in selecting the right medium for your strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
Blog Copywriting?

You could be running different mediums concurrently based on industry trends. Always be prepared with your market research to help make your selection more efficient and accurateads strategy planning


Finding the right keywords isn’t easy in the digital world. Keywords are priced differently in Google ads and SEO.

For example, if you were to be spending $50 for a keyword, it would be wise to be spending on improving your search results organically with SEO instead of Google ads. That being said, there are complications in SEO too as high-demand keywords might be hard to be ranked.

Thus, a good spend on Google ads would help you to be seen in top pages while you build up on your organic pages to be ranked top as well.

Intent Based Landing Pages

The final step is driving sales through your landing pages. Strategy planing can’t be perfect without a call to action (CTA) and a comprehensive landing page that entices users to enquire. When preparing meta tags and description for organic or ad copies for Google ads, we must ensure that keywords used are targeted and valued for a click. Analyze your write-ups against your landing pages and incentivize to attract users to enquire.

3 things to be analyzed and focus on:

1. Keyword targeted
2. Benefits
3. Call to Action

Do remember to always keep it simple keep the message conveyed to users consistent. Similarly, as for a landing pages or microsites, always ensure your write-ups are objective and aim to always convert any user into a potential customer.

This might all be too much for you to understand but fret not.
Our team of professionals at Adssential Marketing provides digital marketing strategies and execute to meet our client’s expectations.

Drop us a message at [email protected] and let Adssential Marketing do the observation, planning and market research for your next marketing plan!digital ads help

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