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Online Customer Lifecycle has long been a vital tool for anticipating customer behavior and driving brand loyalty. Unfortunately, for many businesses, access to customer data and analytical tools are restricted or limited without a website front to collect such data.

With a majority of customers making purchases online, missing out on your online customer lifecycle significantly affects your ability to predict your customer’s behavior and therefore, your customer’s interactions with the brand. Adssential, through the implementation of your website can help you instill tracking mechanisms to track variables through your online customer lifecycle as well as lead conversions to help predict the general flow of customer behavior.


website audience segmentation


There are several ways a brand can build its website branding and brand credibility among its target base such as creating additional databases and directories and many more.

But how do you take advantage of analytical statistics to aid in predicting customer behavior?


#1 Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is separating the general marketing into groups with similar demographics and psychographics. Your brand make use of customer segmentation to position your product/service favourably and appeal to the requirements of your target segment.

Such segmentation requires historical data collected through past purchases or visits to identify your most profitable segment within the online customer lifecycle.


#2 Forecasting

As with some products/services, there are certain time periods along the year that are associated with an increase in sales in your online customer lifecycle. Using data collected through Google Analytics allows you to identify and forecast for these periods of economic upturn to know when to push for a higher marketing effort and stock up on products.


#3 Improve customer satisfaction

Utilising tracking data from Google, you can create heatmaps which your brand can then use to pull data from online customer interaction points such as enquiry form, comments on blog posts, online testimonials, social media interactions to discover what makes your customers tick and predict frequency in which your online customer’s lifecycle can repeat.


website audience segmentation


Understanding your online customer lifecycle intimately can immensely improve and get your existing customers to become more loyal to your brand and spend more with you. If you are keen to get a more in depth understanding of your online customer lifecycle today, approach us here and our Adssential Marketing experts will assist you in implementing and understanding how you can boost your sales today!


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