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Most businesses usually place lead generation at the top of their list of KPIs. That  is no different  for digital marketing teams where more and more businesses are depending on them to directly generate leads. So how can you optimize your digital marketing strategies to push for more leads without necessarily spending more money? Let’s discuss optimization strategies for 3 of the most common digital marketing lead generation channels!

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Once you have your website up, you would have to dabble in Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO is the process of improving your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and improve lead generation for your business.


While you are already likely to be make incremental improvements to the contents of your website, there might be still some aspects that you are not actively working on.


– Technical Website Improvements

SEO is not only focused on relevancy of website content but the overall user experience and user friendliness of your website. Thus, it is key to ensure that technical elements like load speed, mobile responsiveness of website elements etc. are fully updated to create a great user experience. This can often be an overlooked aspect especially when you don’t have an in-house expert or tool to assist, if you are curious whether your website is up to date on technical requirements, contact us here!


–  Switch up keywords to reflect industry’s jargon

This could be a great tip for optimizing your SEO for lead generation. Be it a seasonal trend or change in industry’s focus, keywords can change from time to time. It is important to be reactive or even proactive if possible to these changes. One great tool for observing these changes are Google trends.

Check out our article here to see more tips on utilising Google Trends.




Search Enginge Optimization or SEM is one of the top lead generation tools in digital marketing. However, running the same campaigns and strategies all year round can make it difficult to improve ROI year on year.


It can be very helpful to observe and understand historical sales trends and  forecast when demand for certain products/services will peak. In these periods, you can lower the budget of generic ad groups and increase the budget specifically for high demand product keywords to increase potential lead generation opportunities.


Another important point is in the way you arrange your ad groups. It is key to remember that you shouldn’t have the same keyword across different ad groups as they will end up bidding against each other. On the same note, while it is good to have some exact matches to increase lead generation, broad matches can also be useful in generation brand awareness and recognition which can also help with lead generation down the road.


This is just a rough highlight of key pointers that we noticed most businesses neglect, if you would like more helpful tips on improving your SEM strategiesclick here!



Social media platforms

Where social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become hot grounds for e-commerce brands to reach out to consumers, it is great channel for lead generation! Other than having eye-catching posts, adverts and good messaging,  here are two pointers you can consider to further optimize your social media channels.


– Individualised landing pages

When you are running a specific ad campaign, you can create a specific landing page with key messages to further encourage conversion for your website. A great example would be that if you are introducing a new line of services or products, rather than link the advert to your main homepage, create a landing page that specifically talks about the new product/service line with engaging CTAs. This will help you to push lead generation goals to the next level!


– Automated chat bots

With the advent of technology, automated chatbots are becoming more and more popular! Most businesses are unable to realistically be available for enquiries 24/7, however, customers can browse and convert at anytime of the day. This is where automated chatbots come in to help fill the gap, you can create automated responses to common questions asked by customers. For example, most people might ask a restaurant whether they accept reservations, the automated chatbot can reply for you and even be engineered to allow for customers to make a reservation on the spot without needing a human person to monitor.

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If you would like to consider chatbots for your business, you can approach our team of experts who can help you to easily setup one here!seo sem digital marketing contact We hope that these tips have given you a different view on optimizing your digital marketing strategy for lead generation. If you would like further consultation on how to better improve your digital marketing strategy with the assistance of an agency like Adssential, don’t hesitate to contact us here!

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