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What exactly is digital marketing? Many of us confuse it with social media marketing or even content marketing. Let Adssential Marketing take you on a short journey on what exactly is digital marketing in this 3-part series!

What Is?

When we talk marketing, we think of communications, especially with a specific target audience. Every marketer’s aim is to create appropriate content to be communicated to the right audience. Digital marketing puts everything that you do from a marketing perspective, onto a digital landscape.

From search engines to electronic-direct mails, digital marketers utilize these different platforms to reach out to their audiences more media marketing


With the internet, information has become very accessible, literally at one’s fingertips. Digital marketing allows marketers to break down the geographical differences between themselves and the audience.

Time zones, distances between countries are no longer barriers to entry into new markets. Audiences have also since evolved and have become more aware of what they need and are looking for.

It is key that businesses are able to provide information to their audiences in the quickest and most efficient way possible and digital marketing gives businesses the ability to do so.


In digital marketing, there are a plethora of tools at a marketer’s disposal and we’ll be exploring them and how they can help you create an effective marketing campaign for your business.

Content Marketing?

As the title denotes, content marketing means creating the right content to effectively drive traffic, create brand recognition and generate leads for your business.

Some of the components of content marketing includes:
Blogs or Articles

Blog-posts and article copy writing is often used to educate your audience about your business. The content in these blogs often include information about your business, the services or products that you offer, etc.

As mentioned before, information is so readily available that audiences already know what they are looking for before they search for it. Blog-posts and articles utilize keywords that audience may search for to help drive traffic to your business’s website, which in turn gives you the opportunity to turn this traffic into a lead.

Info-graphics are a more visual method of disseminating information to your audience. Blog-posts and article copy writing can get very dry and wordy after a while and the audience may leave the page if they cannot find what they want on the page fast enough.

Info-graphics put these words in visuals, which may allow the audience to get information in much quicker and interesting manner.content marketing

Social Media Marketing

Today, almost anybody can be a social media marketer, all you must do is to have a social media account. Social media has become a place not just for individuals to reconnect or catch-up with friends from around the world; but also, a place to get news and information. To date, almost half the world’s population are on social media.

With a reach like this made available, it is no surprise many businesses have moved their marketing efforts to social media.

Right now, some of the most popular social media platforms used include:

Your presentation of marketing content on each of these social media platforms will vary but always remember to keep all the content consistent for your business.Social media marketing and content management marketing are just two methods utilized in the entire digital marketing process. There is no hard and fast rule to using these tools, and more often than not, a lot of these methods can be mixed and matched to complement each other in their marketing efforts.

In the next part of this trilogy, we’ll be exploring a territory that may seem familiar yet complex to most: SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

If all of these has been too much for you to absorb, you can always leave it to the professionals at Adssential Marketing to do the legwork for you! Drop us a message at [email protected] and we’ll do the rest!digital ads help

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