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As a business, it is key to identify your target market to market towards your specific product. However, people often forget that these markets can be easily segmented further into individual groups, allowing your business the opportunity to cater specific marketing messages to each group. In the past, customer segmentation was done through the use of census, customer surveys, focus groups as well as telephone interviews. But with the advent of the internet, not many people will be exposed to, or are willing to take part in such data collection activities. The only other best alternative to identify your website audience would be through the use of smart analytics and tracking algorithms on your website.

We will be running through a short guide on how you can make use of your website and relevant tools to identify website audience and segment your customer markets through these methods.


The variables by which every business segment its customer base will be slightly different, but they all follow the same flow which we will run through.


website audience segmentation


#1 Ensuring you have a platform suitable for website audience analysis

To analyse your website audience, you would naturally have to have a website, this ensures you have a platform on which you can input tracking codes to help you identify your website audience on the Analytics platform. Adssential’s website designers will be able to assist you to create a website suitable for your marketing needs, if you are keen, please contact us here. If you already have a website, but have yet to activate your analytics platform, you similarly will not be able to track your website audience.


#2 Using common variables to segment website audience

Once you have your Analytics up and running on your website, you can start to identify and segment your website audience using the following common variables


Demographic segmentation can be identified as individual attributes of your website audience that can be quantified. Examples include age, gender, religion, educational qualifications and to a further extent geographical locations.


Psychographic segmentation is used to group your website audience by their shared personality traits, beliefs, values, attitudes etc. This will require you to do some primary market research as well have basic knowledge of your target market to implement.


Website Traffic Insight
Once you have some traffic flowing to your website, you will be able to group customers based on the pages they frequently visit as well as the number of repeat visitors you receive at your website. These statistics help you to identify returning customers in order to market special offers to them.


#3 Crafting specific marketing messages for the different customer segments

You may think or feel that identifying a target market will be enough because most people in the same market segment behave similarly. However, that is only true to a certain extent.


Even within the same market segment, each group of customers require a specific marketing message to reach across to them. In this sense, mass marketing (meaning no differentiation of marketing messages between segments) can be easily executed through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) where a single message is generally used to attract your website audience. If you do choose to a targeted approach to segment marketing, you can consider utilizing Search Engine Marketing also known as digital advertising like Adwords, Display Ads, Bing and many more.


website audience segmentation


Segmenting your website audience into different market segments can be a little tricky if not done right and carefully as most of them will likely overlap but with market research and the right website tools, Adssential has the ability to assist you in setting the right course for your business through digital marketing. Contact us here if you need help with your digital marketing or creating a digital asset that will attract your key audiences today!
Aligning Web Audience & Web Deisgning


Aligning Web Audience & Web Designing