Your Adssential Guide to A/B Testing

ab testing

What works for your audience?

How can you predict what kind of content can encourage leads and conversions?

Here is a quick tip or two from Adssential Marketing as we bring you through this A/B testing journey!


What Exactly Is A/B Testing?


A/B testing is a method employed by marketing professionals to “test the market”. Different audiences respond to content differently and ideally it would be best to create a content that best suits that group.


Hence, marketers employ the A/B testing methods to find out what their audience are looking for. This is a much safer tactic to engage than making wild guesses or predicting what the audience might want to see.

Why Should You Conduct A/B Testing?


Besides identifying what your audience wants to see through A/B testing there are also a myriad of reasons this method should be executed that can help with your marketing efforts.



Quality of Traffic

Your website may be getting a good steady stream of traffic coming in through whatever methods that may have been employed previously, but is this web traffic of the perceived quality your business is expecting? By conducting A/B testing, you can identify the “winning” content that can bring in the quality traffic that your business needs, thus improving the conversion rates that can translate into sales.


Better User Experience

Users that visit your website all have a goal in mind that they wish to achieve, from retrieving information to making a purchase of a product or service that your business may be offering. It is imperative that businesses provide a good user experience to keep users engaged on the website. It could be something as small as a CTA on a webpage or the overall feel and design of the website. A/B testing allows you to make improvements to your website which in turn provides your users with a much better user experience on your website.


Lower Bounce Rate

Your website’s bounce rate is a key metric for performance, and it is important that it is kept to a minimum. A/B testing allows you to test out different versions of your website until you find your “winner” and hence allow your website to perform at its optimum.


On top of websites, A/B testing can also be performed with social media platforms, content and a plethora of other digital marketing tools!

How Can I Conduct A/B Testing?


Conduct Your Research

Before you can perform any kind of testing, you need to conduct your research on how your website is performing and collect data on all the pages on your website, the statistics on all the traffic that is flowing through your website at the moment. There are a variety of tools that you can use to help retrieve this data, but if all fails, you can always let the professionals at Adssential Marketing help you instead!


All this information will play a very important part moving into the next step of the A/B testing phase, creating a hypothesis.


Formulate Hypothesis

I know this is starting to sound like an university research paper, but yes, once you have identified a problem that you want to work around; form a hypothesis and identify all possible variables that may affect the testing.


Use the information you have retrieved via research to best come up with your hypothesis and test all possible variables until you arrive at your “winner”


Design Variables And Run Test

Once you have your hypothesis, start to design the variables against your hypothesis and start running your tests. These variables can range from your CTA to the content on the website to even the overall design of the website.

Once you have your variables ready, there are a multitude of tests that can be performed, drop us a message here if you’d like to find out more!


Analyze Results

Once all your tests have been performed, analyze the results to identify your “winner”. However, this should not be the end. Your audience is ever evolving, and it is imperative that your digital marketing methods continue to grow with your audience.


Continue to rinse and repeat the steps above whenever to keep your website relevant and engaging to your audience!A/B testing is crucial for marketing professionals to decide whether to commit to a certain style or content for their audience, instead of having to predicting blindly which can usually result in a hit-or-miss. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more time and effort to perform these tests, the ROI on this will be worth it!


If you would like a for our team of professionals to give you a more detailed breakdown of how your website is performing and how we can assist you with the A/B testing, drop us a message here!

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