The Ultimate Guide to Viral Marketing Campaigns

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Viral marketing campaigns, we all hope to be the brand to initiate something viral and create hype but how do you achieve that? Some go viral with some luck but with the right tips and tricks, you will soon be well on your way to internet fame!


What is viral marketing?

Viral marketing depends on people outside your brand or organisation to keep the marketing campaign alive by sharing it repeatedly. It is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes (Yes, even start-ups can easily and affordably create a viral marketing campaign!). Viral marketing is an amazing tool for lead generationbrand awareness for all types of demographics.

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The Ultimate Guide to Viral Marketing Campaigns

Let’s get down to business, creating a viral campaign can be rounded to three sections: (1) Identifying potential opportunities for viral marketing, (2) Creating elements of viral marketing campaign, (3) Optimising your viral marketing campaign.


2. Identifying potential opportunities for viral marketing

To start a successful viral marketing campaign, you will need to first consider your target audience. What do they like? What are they interested in? What will pull their heart strings? The reason why viral marketing campaigns are successful is because the audiences relate to them and feel compelled to continue sharing the message or convert into leads.

Figure out the demographic that you are trying to appeal to with your viral marketing campaign and create a customer profile and that should give you a great overview.

e.g. Thai sad adverts and many more


3. Create elements of viral marketing campaign

If you notice most viral marketing campaigns have a many visual cues that help direct, you to the campaign’s objective and is usually quite to understand. With viral marketing, your visuals are your most important weapons. A great to ensure your viral marketing stays on point is to create a visual strategy.

Start by creating a mood board or a visual story board what emotions or actions you would like to invoke from your audience. It can be either be interesting, informative, humorous, or hopeful.

And while you could take a cue from trending topics which can be search from google trends in the mainstream media (think “Squid Game”), it is ideal that the concept of your viral marketing campaign is fresh and attention-grabbing.


viral marketing squid game P.S This would trigger some inner thoughts and example of viral marketing!! SquidGame! which most companies step on the bandwagon and promote their brands through such viral means


3. Optimising your viral marketing campaign

Now that you have all the elements of your viral marketing campaign ready, you are ready to publish it. When it comes to publishing your content, consider the date and time. Usually, businesses use major holidays like Chinese New Year, Christmas etc. to launch a campaign to their advantage. The time at which you publish is also very important, find out when your audiences are usually active on social media (Remember the customer profile you created earlier? Use that as a guide!).

Besides date and time, the most important element for your campaign is for people to be able to share and promote it. To get the ball rolling, make sure that you share your viral marketing campaign on every marketing channel and beyond (Facebook groups, linkedin groups etc.) Make sure that your campaign is also easy to share with clear ‘’call to actions’’ so that your campaign can hopefully convert into sales!seo sem digital marketing contact We hope that this guide will assist in bringing your viral marketing campaign together and while a viral campaign can be time-consuming to setup, you can always depend on marketing agencies like Adssential Marketing to help bring all these elements together. Be it content creation or visual design, our team of digital marketing experts will help you to pull together the viral marketing campaign of your dreams! Contact us today here!

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