Singapore Shop Houses SEO Guide

shop houses seo guide

We have been bombarded with different SEO guide to help different shop houses with different industry verticals that we have decided to complete this shop houses SEO guide to help small business owners reduce cost spent on SEO yet maximize digital assests.

As we all know, search engine optimization (SEO) is an incredibly valuable marketing method that drives traffic and increase conversion rate with long term strategy planned out without the need of any paid advertising.

If you have a physical shop that target a niche market, local SEO strategy will help improve your reach to your targeted audience. However, you would be questioning, what does local SEO means and how can it assist in this shop houses SEO guide?

Let’s start off with an example, while you’re home and would like a caffeine fix you would punch in “coffee nearby” or “cozy café nearby” that you would not mind travelling for short distance while getting your caffeine fix. The right local strategy that a shop house deploy would show up at the top search. That’s a short summary of how local seo for shop houses in Singapore.

This shop houses SEO guide bring your through in hyper focusing on your specific target audience and ultimately improve your SEO and attract more qualified customers through map discovery, local discovery, search discovery and many more.

Let’s look at how we can improvise Singapore shop houses guide with our tailored local SEO optimization, along with helpful steps you can take off-site.

shop houses digital marketing


Basic shop house SEO guide

When a searcher search for a keyword, the main idea would be for google to provide them with the most accurate results and best experience possible. So in order to be appearing at top ranking: you would need to provide a purpose for your website with valuable content around a certain topic or keywords. Engage visitor with captivating images and excellent experience and reviews that would further push them for an enquiry or booking.

These are easily achieved with our seo service breakdown guide such as inserting high quality blog posts and topics, responsive web design across mobile devices, easy navigating store, fast loading speed with proper SSL certifications and high quality backlinks from trusted sources.

Ensure that these were achieved before we dive deep into building SEO ranking in shop houses SEO guide.


1. Claim your Google My Business listing

With basic shop house seo guide a Google My Business, a must to be listed and featured to help with google search, map and shopping. These help searchers to understand the business nature, keywords used that cause shop houses to appear in their top feed, hours, reviews, website and any additional rewards, links or information.

Create an account and enter as much information as possible about your store. Add photos, respond to reviews, and always make sure that everything’s accurate on your listing, including hours.


2. Claim additional local SEO listing from major directories

It used to be beneficial to list your business in every single directory you could find. However, google have improved their algorithm ranking factors to focus on more domain authoritative websites which affect rankings. We would not want to miss out these major directories as they might still be meaningful and would help in a local listing. As our main goal is to ensure our name and brand is seen traditionally throughout all local offline searches.

Explore a list of Singapore directory you might want to consider, choose the one focus on based on your audience and industry. Get a list of directories listing here.


Here are just a few of the shop house seo guide on business directories you might consider. Choose the ones you focus on based on your audience, products, and industry:


Sound overwhelming? You can also hire services like Adssential Marketing to help handle all local SEO guide for you.


3. Adjust your intended keywords

Keywords are the short phrases or sentences you would want your business to be ranking or show up when being searched by potential customer. You might have keywords such as “bespoked coffee”. However, we would prefer to structure it locally such as “bespoked coffee in Jurong”, “Jurong coffee café” or “Jurong west artisan coffee”. There are lots of different keyword and phrases we could play around and strategize to get the highest potential customer at zero customer acquisition rate.

You may even use google keyword planner a free tool to search for volume and phrases. You can also consult us, Adssential Marketing on valuable insights to strategize your business based on a group of intended keywords you would like to rank. We will do the magic of achiving highest shop house seo guide local ranking for your shop houses.

Once you’ve determined the right keywords, incorporate these lovely keywords into your website instead of stuffing it. Always make sure your website is providing high quality content and images to user.

social media for shop houses


4. Focus on reviews

Search engines love reviews! These are some excellent indicator for most local shop house seo guide, shop houses should bang on high quality reviews from various customers. High quality reviews will attract better respond rate for shop houses as compared to b2b business as these are end consumer who had enjoy a quality service. Such local SEO reviews help in improving conversion rate further.

But how should you go about getting reviews? Main solution would be never to pay for reviews! Not only search engines will be able to detect a fraud move, your local seo ranking might be badly affected.


The best way to earn reviews online is to simply to offer a reward for every review made. That would work for most Singapore shop houses. As we are born Asian, getting reviews just by asking would not garner much reviews however, you will still receive an ample amount of reviews. To boost further, offer different goodies and promotion. Focus on Google reviews as much as possible and rectify or address unhappy customer concerns.


5. Find strong local backlinks

As we have now understand that google works on domain authority and trusted sources. Thus, it’s essential to vet backlinks and disavow when necessary. Quality backlinks are good SEO strategy that help boost shop houses local rankings. Here are some good examples of writing for shop houses local SEO guide for example. We would like to reach out to organizations that support houses start up, events and directories. These are places we would source and share our article with.  There are other ways we can do it:

Guest post writings

Participating in local events.

Featured in quality directories

Earning a feature in an online advertising story


6. Structured data to your site

Deploy a structured markup trick, in technical terms, we would call it schema markup which help search engine robots better understand the information given. This is especially important for shop houses as there are different FAQ style such as questions, articles or even directories or reviews. It’s a great way to ensure we appear in search results like carousel and answer boxes.

For example, if you’re a local shop house that post online receipe. We would want google to pick that data up as recipe and ensure the right information is portrayed to the right audience. This information such as a “bespoked coffee” would have different operating timing which would fit under the timing and types of coffee bean used which might fit into the FAQ segment. Ensure that your information look much “richer” and increase likelihood to be clicked.


There are different types of structured data, including:

Food, with information like ingredients, purchase links.

Shop houses, with information like date, time, and location.

Local business, with information like hours, ratings, directions, and links.

Products, with information like price, availability, and reviews.

Q&A, with questions followed by answers.seo sem digital marketing contact

Get started with shop houses SEO guide for a longer-term success

You should start implementing proper local shop house seo guide to help rank your shop house. However, bare in mind that this shop houses local seo guide would require time and effort as it is a long term marketing strategy. For quick marketing technique, we would advise to start off with advertising which Adssential Marketing would be able to help and build your long term local seo plan to cover for the shortage of visitors to your shop house or website at the early stages. Always start it off with some copywriting, such as sales copywritingblog copywriting or search engine copywriting. Do remember, steady consistent work will pay off well with local SEO rankings!

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