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How to Utilize Google Trends in Digital Marketing

Did you know that Google, on any given day, handles up to 3.8 million searches a minute! With that enormous amount of data made available to digital marketers through a variety of tools, wouldn’t it amazing to utilize data to drive digital marketing campaigns? We are talking about vast improvements in SEO rankings and an increased optimization on your SEM strategies!

Introducing Google Trend, a search trends feature created by the search engine giants themselves, that shows how frequently a given search term is entered into Google’s search engine relative to the site’s total search volume over a given period.


Google Trends Basics

So how can a digital marketer like you, utilize a tool like this? Google Trends works by showing the popularity of a rising or declining search keyword term, it’s geographical information, demographical insights, related topics and queries based on web searches, YouTube searches, Google shopping, news searches or image searches.

Google search trends data can be very useful for digital marketers. For example, if you run a business in home repair services such as “roof repair”, you would ramp up marketing efforts when search term relevant to your business are trending i.e. during monsoon season when a leak in your roof is more likely to occur. However, the downside to spikes in search volume of intended keywords. Your cost per click in Google Adwords will likely be higher, so you optimize your budget to ensure you allocate enough budget or plan ahead in achieving your SEO ranking based on search trends.

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So what are some of the other ways you can utilize Google trending data to help with digital marketing objectives? Here are some ideas for enhancing your digital marketing efforts through Google Trends insights:


Additional Source of Insight For Keyword Research

Keyword research and its results is the main driving force behind your SEO campaign. Therefore, it’s key to choose the right keywords and semantic keywords with the help of google trends. Through Googel trends, you can identify high performing keywords that are not costly and upcoming trends you can tap on in your digital marketing campaigns.


Website Keywords Analysis

Keyword trends can come and go, a keyword that is trending now can easily lose it position in a matter of days. By performing periodic analysis on website keywords and key phrases that your website have been optimized for, you will be able identify keywords that need to be swapped out.  You can start by entering primary and secondary keywords into Google Trends to see if such keywords are performing lower than expected in terms of trends and consider if it’s worth to change to a related keywords or creation of new upcoming keyword trend.

You can also compare different search terms and select high performing search trends for your SEO campaign. Do bear in mind that certain keywords are higher in competition in ranking to the top of the page thus second closest or related term would be worth spending your time in ranking them.


Content Idea with Google Trends

The Google Trends tool can help to brainstorm additional content and ideas for your content creation. Plug in some of your primary keywords or keywords related to your business and look at search patterns and related search terms as well as rising terms to help you build the next most engaging web content.

If you’re looking to establish your brand/business as a thought leader within your industry, produce content based on recently trending search terms. For example, by searching for “Digital Marketing, Online Marketing” you will be able to see a bunch of related and rising keywords listed for you. By looking at the word “breakout” listed under each search terms, you would probably start creating and churning related keywords to Digital Marketing as it means an increase of 5,000% or more.

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Monitor Competitor position in Google Trends

You can monitor your competitors and see how well they’re performing against your brand. This will be more effective with direct consumer products such as new launch of “Apple IPhone” and “Samsung Phones”.

With this feature, you can compare up to five search terms or competitors search terms. As your intended keywords gain larger search audience, Google Trends will be useful to compare against your competitors branded keywords giving you a step ahead in exploring new upcoming keyword trend and market channels which you can improve on.


We hope that these tips have taught you how to better utilize the power of Google Trends. As you get more familiar with the tool, you’re sure to find more and more ways to utilize it. This comes in handy with all your digital marketing efforts. You may also view other digital marketing articles marketing help adssential marketing Adssential marketing provides full-suite digital marketing, SEOwebsite designPPCsocial mediaemail marketing, analytics and tracking, video marketing, and branding. If you are keen to see how our services can significantly boost your existing and future marketing campaigns, contact us here today!

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