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Hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore is a very simple and fuss free process, there are tons of digital marketing agency to choose from, from large scale big boys to smaller SME digital marketing agency. Apart from agency, there are platforms available, where it provides a wide range of available agency based on your needed requirements to select from. However, selecting the right one to hire is the biggest part of the challenge!

There are few key pointers to keep in mind when selecting the best digital marketing agency. Every individual will deem a marketing agency as the best if it meets certain criteria and tick every checkbox in their own individual list.

Therefore, we should be objective and prevent our personal preferences/objectives from helping us to select the best digital marketing agency. These are 6 key pointers we as a digital marketing agency suggest you refer to supporting your decision-making process in shortlisting a digital marketing agency.

  1. A list of past customers & case studies
  2. Specialized SEO/SEM, social marketing, content writers
  3. Strong/clean industry reputation
  4. Well-designed website
  5. No overpromises
  6. Easily contactable

Get a free consultation with Adssential Marketing and see how our agency can drive sales and objective driven results.
SEO: Objectively clear and result based
Content creation: Targeted content for SEO, blog or sales copywriting
Paid Media: Effective return of investment with every clicks

Always be sure of what you are looking to achieve with your marketing goals. When an agency understands what you’re looking for, they would be able to know if they can value add to your marketing plan. However, be aware of companies that pretend to know, and value add to your business. Always ask questions with an example below to understand the digital agency’s true capabilities.

Example: An updated blog and traffic for websites
Pretend you want to hire an agency to help you develop a content creation portfolio with the ultimate goal of improving your content while engaging audiences with the help of SEO for more leads.
Deliverable: A fully managed content creation, SEO ready website
Goal: Attract more visitors by organically ranking websites
End result: Top of the page results for blogs

From there, you can start looking for companies that fit the bill because you know exactly what you’re looking for and how to communicate your desired outcomes.

With a goal in mind, we can further evaluate and select the best digital marketing agency in Singapore where everyone proclaims to be the best.

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1. A list of past customers & case studies

A well developed and recognized agency will openly display their partnerships and works upon request. For example, Adssential marketing has been selected and rewarded by many partners and local businesses. Always check a list of past customers and results they have achieved for their past clients.

Lastly, always check the required budget an agency would charge based on your objective. Most agency have a minimum agency fees and cost; they might be not flexible as other agencies that are able to scale and grow together with you.

A well thought out execution and proposal would better portray the agency competency in executing your digital marketing campaigns supported by different case studies.

2. Specialized SEO/SEM, social marketing, content writers

Regardless of the type of services you are after, it is essential to make sure the agency you hire has the right specialization. For example, you wouldn’t hire someone to design an infographic if they do not have such skillsets. Note that it is always be good to check if the account/project manager will be involved in your day to day communications and execution or if their workflow involves an account manager that rotates indefinitely.

These differences will affect your SEO/SEM or any digital marketing strategies you have as communication and specialization is greatly compromised. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your consultation if you aren’t sure.

3. Strong/clean industry reputation

Search around if they are practicing black hat methods or their team are mostly outsourced employees located out of Singapore. There are some tell-tale signs you can watch out for, e.g. phone numbers and communication method or the execution style they will deploy. Request to speak with the SEO, SEM specialist that you will most likely be assigned to. These are some digital marketing tips we can always ensure our gut feeling and objective is right.

4. A well-designed website

Your website is likely to be the main lead generation platform that attracts the right people by answering their pain points and objective. The best digital marketing agency will help to build up a great website without compromising on your objective or standard requirements. For example, loading speed of a website matters as we know it’s part of SEO effort and it’s a part in improving SEO ranking.

5. No overpromising results

The type of results an agency promises on their website, marketing campaign or proposal is a strong indication of how well they understand the industry. For any digital agency to claim their ability to fast track your way to the number one spot on Google doesn’t know that SEO is both a long-term and short-term marketing strategy; or that it requires continuous work to maintain. If a digital marketing agency is offering too good to be true prices or plans, this might be a way to click bait and attract.

Therefore, you should always try to avoid such agencies and always pay close attention to the claims and promises made, always stick to an agency that offers full transparency and realistic promises.

6. Easily contactable

The best digital marketing agencies make it as easy as possible for potential clients to get in touch with them. Navigating through a marketing agency website should not be difficult. Afterall, an agency with good website design gives you a preview of what they can do for you. Ideally, contact information shouldn’t be more than one click away regardless of what page you’re on. And they provide a clear call to action, so you know what to do next.

Ensure they are always contactable, or their replies are prompt. As digital marketers, we know how every single hour can have an affect your campaign budget and strategies. Thus, this is one key area we should always ensure when selecting the best digital marketing agency in Singapore.

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If you’re looking for a full suite digital marketing agency, you may drop Adssential Marketing a non-obligatory consultation to have a glimpse on how you should kickstart and select the best digital marketing agency.

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