Predicting the future: Will SEO remains as a significant part in building a digital presence in the future?

We are nearing the end of the year and with 2020, there will be unpredictable search engine algorithm changes roll out by google to improve digital footprint in the world. Looking back at all digital assets happening on the internet.

SEO had come a long way to meet today’s demand and needs of consumer search intent. Every business and corporation would employ the right strategy and white hat SEO fundamental methods to ensure a strong digital presence on the web.

What is SEO?

When we mention about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we are referring to optimizing and improving ranking performance in the internet world. With an improved ranking or top position ranking in SEO, we would be under the top tier to gain more traffics and increased leads to improving an organization’s ROI.

Many businesses have slowly taken the initiative to include digital marketing as part of an ongoing lead generation and farming method. Apparently, with digital presence, we will be able to reduce large cost compared to media buys while still offering effective results if done right. Employ the right strategy to gain traction in the digital world building a strong digital presence in today’s industry.SEO Presence

Will SEO stay relevant in the future?

We know that technology itself is advancing at a rapid speed and nobody can predict what the future holds. We at least know that google is not stopping on search updates and improving on their search algorithm with LSI algorithms and many more.

A next big thing will encompass a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm? Who knows? By the looks of it, SEO won’t be leaving any time soon, let’s continue to create juicy content with the right tags and description.


Improving SEO for the future.

1. Knowledge is key! Thus, strong content!

All of us would love to improve our knowledge throughout our journey in life. With the internet, information and content are readily available for viewers to keep them updated with informative answers to better help them in deciding.

Build on strong relevant and informative content. Provide viewers with relevant and specific information. After all, Google investigates user experience, content provided and technical coding to deliver a robust informative site to viewers with minimum delay. This will help to improve ranking and digital presence in this SEO world.

2. Keywords

With contents come keywords. Keywords are part and parcel of a content structure in SEO world. Search engine could easily identify articles based on certain keywords and content that encompasses it. Thereby providing the most relevant content to users.

There are many 3rd party tools out in the market to understand your page ranking based on certain keywords. This does not limit to other keywords as well; different keywords might change a web page position ranking depending on the relevancy and information provided.

3. Optimization

Content and keywords can be easily done by anybody. However, optimizing might be the most important factor in building a higher ranking and improving digital presence. Businesses might be overlooked in improving the content and optimizing this area. Digital marketing companies like Adssential Marketing would be able to offer a complete optimizing structure to better rank your websites based on keywords.

Digital marketing can be tricky with different jargon and structure. Without great content, your online presence would not draw viewers. With great content without proper optimization, your content might not be performing to the utmost optimum rank in SEO.

4. Digital presence, digital planning!

In today’s world, going digital seems to be something that everybody employs. However, we need to do it efficiently and optimize it properly with various strategies and processes within digital marketing.

We’ve mentioned and understood on the future of SEO, we should also look into other digital avenues that we can leverage from. Such areas include SEM (Search Engine Marketing)Social Media and EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail) where agencies ensure a complete reach to all targeted segments with different strategies.

In the foreseeable future, SEO will remain an effective avenue for many businesses who wish to build a strong brand and digital awareness to the public. Together with other digital marketing activities, businesses will be able to reach out to more audiences in this ongoing challenging digital space.


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