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SEM Copywriting

Advertising has been a constant in the history of marketing, the only thing that has constantly be evolving is in the way we advertise. Moving past brochures, flyers or even large billboard adverts, many businesses are now moving online into digital advertising on platforms like Google AdwordsFacebookInstagram and more. If your business has only ever engaged in traditional advertisements, you might be surprised to learn that search engine marketing (SEM) copywriting operates a little differently.


As covered in our previously blog introducing SEM, we talked about how SEM adverts exist in many different forms across advertising platforms. As such, the way you write your ad copy has to be suitable for the audience specifically on that platform. In today’s article, we will cover 5 tips that if you can master, will guarantee you a significantly higher click through rate!

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1. Reflect the needs of your target’s requirements

The first SEM copywriting tip is something that is overwhelmingly obvious, but we do tend to forget time to time; that people search for products or services because they want to solve a problem.

People don’t click on ads that are irrelevant to their problems, so when you are thinking of SEM copywriting, the most straight forward method is to think of your audience and what they want or can accomplish with your solution. You can then reverse engineer the sentiments into an adcopy.


2. Using Statistics and Numbers in Your Adcopy

If I were to give you these two adcopies which are you likely to click into?

  • Cheap Website Designs with High Conversions! – designABC
  • Website Designs from only $500 with 100% Conversions! -designABC

There is a high chance that you would have clicked on the second ad. This is because number and statistics add credibility to your ads (of course within reasonable contexts) and that also helps your audience cut out the fuzz and get to the point of the ad copy.

It will also be highly advantageous to your SEM Copywriting strategy if you are able to place these numbers in the headlines where it is has a chance to grab attention.


3. Keeping emotional triggers in mind

Emotional marketing is refers to marketing/advertising primarily via emotions to get your audience’s attention to buy, share or engage. It may sound quite difficult to execute but if you truly understand the needs of your target segment, it shouldn’t be too difficult to use emotional marketing in your SEM copywriting strategy!

Here is an example: “5 Products guaranteed to make your loved ones’ day”

This tagline triggers happiness which will encourage your audience to either act on buying a product or sharing it with someone who might.

SEM Copywriting


4. Addressing Your Audience Correctly

You should use second-person pronouns like “you” or “your” to directly address your audience. This creates a sense that your business is friendly and really wants to help customers solve their problems. It also makes the audience feel important since you are addressing them and them only.

E.g. “You can also achieve marketing success with these 5 tips”


5. Fully utilizing your ad space

Google Ads provides you with two 30-character headlines plus an 80-character description.

You should be trying to maximize the impact of your ads by using every single character. If you are a few characters short, don’t just give up, try re-wording different phrases or checking synonyms to make it fit just right.

Don’t forget about your display URL as well, those can help to further sell or explain to customers what your product is.seo sem digital marketing contact Overall, these are 5 tips that you as a business cannot leave out of your SEM copywriting strategy! If you can master these 5 tips well, you should be seeing a significant increase in your click-through rates. And if you don’t, then just keep working at it from different angles, it is unlikely that you will find the winning formula on your first try.

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