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Top 5 tips to keep in mind when working on SEO Content writing


Have you ever found yourself reading a website and just feeling frustrated because you still do not get the gist of the content after a few minutes? Technical jargon, bad spelling and grammar, and sentences that are just unnecessary. You are not alone; bad content is everywhere sprawled across the internet as business all big and small struggle with ways to handle content writing for SEO purposes concisely.

Bad content writing does not only drive off potential customers but is also highly frown upon by the Google gods, which will likely affect your overall SEO rankings. Especially with the latest Google algorithm update at the end of 2020, Google has further fine-tuned the way pages are ranked which will ultimately affect the way you handle SEO content writing.

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Here are 5 of the top tips we have gathered from the team to help you achieve success with content writing.


Research, research, and more research

Before you even start your SEO content writing journey, you would need to know a great deal about the product, service, or topic you are writing about. Especially for B2B industries, you want to show that you are a knowledgeable and credible source of information for potential customers. In your content writing, you would want to include statistics, data, metrics or testimonials to back your content.

Another form of research that is highly crucial is Keyword research, to ensure that your page gets found for the right reasons and intentions, you will want to understand how your demographic is searching and what are they searching for and why they are searching. If you are able to uncover the answer to these three questions, you will be able to write content that is highly relevant. Always remember that a highly relevant page is favored by Google and, thus, will rank much higher.

Not sure where to begin? Check out our other article on using Google trends to identify potential keywords for the purpose of SEO content writing here! You can also use Google search console to see how people search to find your website or paid tools like SEMRush that will do all the work for you!


Planning the right format for your content

With the latest updates on the Google algorithm at the end of 2020, Google has announced that it is turning its attention to the platforms on which people consume information. If you are a B2C facing business, that would likely mean that instead on focusing on SEO content writing, you might be focused on video creation or infographics. If you notice that those are the platforms that your searchers are consuming over content writing, you might want to switch your focus on those.


Content writing that is concise and to the point

Good SEO content writing is concise and to the point; sometimes less is more. You want to try to start out writing as much content as it takes to explain your solution, then keep editing it down to the best of your abilities. You will definitely not be able to attain the best version of your SEO content writing on the first go, so be patient and keep working at it! Just take note that the best content on the market is made up of short paragraphs, short sentences, and bulleted lists to help get a point across quickly.


Capture attention within the first 5 seconds of your content!

Have you noticed that when you search for a keyword that a snippet with a short excerpt will show up at the top of the page?

content writing snippet

Did you know that the snippet is pulled from the top paragraph of your content page and that it can appear as a snippet even if your webpage is not ranked at the top for that keyword? Most SEO marketers refer to the snippet as position 0 and it is a highly coveted spot. So how do you achieve that position?

With the short attention span most internet users have currently, you have approximately 5 seconds to catch the attention of the reader before they close your webpage. As such, your first sentence has to be attention-grabbing which leads to a larger readership which will result in Google presuming a higher relevancy. When that happens, the chances of your webpage appearing as the snippet is significantly increased!

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Optimize and more optimization!

Once you have gotten your content up, a big part of maintaining good SEO content writing is to continue to optimize your content on a rotational basis. As a standard practice, most websites should consider updating their webpage content at least every 6 months. This is to ensure that you are providing up to date information that is relevant to your demographic. You can also see this as an opportunity to update any old backlinks, metrics or product information so that you do not mislead your readers!


Remember that good SEO content writing will show for itself in the search engine results; the better your content, the higher the relevancy, the higher your ranking result will be. Effective content writing will also help you convert more traffic on your website into customers as well.seo sem digital marketing contact Are you happy with the results of your content writing? Adssential Marketing provides fullstack marketing services from SEOSEMSocial Ads to website design and developmentContact us today to see how we can help you achieve the results you are looking for!

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