BREAKING NEWS: SEM Identity Transparency To All Advertisers

Advertising Identity

Even with the Covid-19 disease pandemic ongoing, Google has continued to updates and programs to deter spammers and provide transparency to all searches.

Google will be extending its identification verification program to all advertisers, subjecting them to  stringent checks and submit incorporation documents, personal identification and other essential information to prove their identities and country of operation as mentioned in Google.SEM Identity

Why Advertising (SEM) Identity?

This rollout will help deter many fraud and scams happening in the digital age. Adssential Marketing strongly supports this operation to better provide visibility and transparency to our searches. A transparent SEM identity will improve on our web credibility.

Searches will be able to make informed decisions on whether to click on these ads which helps to reduce fraud and tire kickers. This might not be super effective but will help to reduce spam clicks.

This program deployed might also improve Google’s ad ecosystem by rooting out bad advertisers before reaching broader searches and this rollout may take a few years to be completed.


Generating awareness and traffic on the virus situation shows the audience that you’re not just simply an organization, but one that cares.


In the United States alone, coronavirus as a search topic on Google has risen by at least 950%. Hence, by helping to generate awareness on this situation can put your business in a good position as your visibility on the digital landscape will grow exponentially.

Our Advertising Thoughts!

SEM has been an essential tool for marketers for a while and is one of Google biggest revenue generators.

While advertising is important to most companies, there have been less-than-accepted methods utilized by certain black sheep, such as deploying click fraud, engaging multiple clicks, having multiple advertising platform to counter competitors, etc.

A SEM identity roll out done by Google will help to reduce such organizations and improve transparency between visitors and organization.

Identifying who is advertising in SEM will help to improve the search experience for most users.

So, to Adssential, SEM identity transparency is a good move done by google. To all our existing customers, this SEM identity named as “identity verification program” by google, will be implemented seamlessly.


Since then, Google has set up restrictions to improve the quality of content, such as social media content, to ensure the quality of content generated for your audience.


Always aim to engage and educate your audience!If you’d like to find out more about SEM and how it can impact your business positively, drop us an email at [email protected] and let our team of professionals help you out!seo assistance

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