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Adwords Remarketing Audience

Everybody knows about how SEO, SEM and social media marketing can be effective in building a strong leads pipeline. We realized that there are many different variables affecting how you outrank your competitors, but it is crucial to not commit adwords mistakes or getyour ads disapproved while trying to rank above them. A simpler way apart from outranking your competitors would be to remarket your audience at a lower cost using adwords remarketing audience.

Remarketing is a cost-effective strategy that can be used for targeting searchers with your ads after they have visited your website. These visitors can be built from visitors lists from your adwords or google analytics account. If you’re looking at targeting specifics individual, adwords remarketing audience tool might be the way to go by building specifics landing page objectives and requirement base on each individual audience group. The following steps brings you through adwords remarketing audience setup:


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How to Create and Segment Remarketing Audiences in Google Ads:


Visit Google Ads and log into your account.


Click on Tools & Settings at the top menu bar.


Click on Audience Manager under the Shared Library section. A section where all audiences were stored based on analytics audiences or google adwords audiences. If you’re looking at an empty page, do not worry, you might not have remarketing tag manager activated or missing remarketing list. (If you require assistance with setting this up, Adssential Marketing can provide this service for you.)


Next, select the blue plus (+) button in the top left corner to create a new audience. Click on Website Visitors to make a Remarketing Audience and name your audience group.


There are different variations of a remarketing audience you can create. For example, you can select “Visitors of a Page” to target visitors from specific page or “specific tags” or “specific dates” if you’re running different campaigns.


After selecting which list to source the audience with, you will have to specify specific urls to match these visitors. For example, if you are targeting people who are looking for websites creation, input the word “website creation” in the url field if you have a url named “website-creation”.


To enable more options, you may play around with “AND” “OR” options to define your remarketing audience group.  Next, click on the pre-fill options section. This is where you can tell Google to pre-fill the list with people from the last 30 days or to start building from an empty list.


Give your visitor a period of day they should be consider under a remarket list, there is no optimal days as different industry works differently based on user cognitive behavior. Google give a maximum duration of 540 days a user can be remarketed at. Thus, it really depends on your industry user behavior.


Lastly, click “Create Audience” to have google approve your remarket audience which might take approximately 24 hours.


We have gone through a simple way of creating remarketing list from google adwords, for more advanced remarketng, it will be wise to have your audience created in google analytics to measure user behavior and how long they take to turn from prospect into a lead and lastly a customer.

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How to Create and Segment Adwords Remarketing Audiences in Google Analytics:


Visit Google Analytics.


Click on Admin menu at the left-hand tab of your screen.


Scroll down the middle column and select “Audience Definitions” and select “Audiences” in the dropdown list.


All your audiences will be help here. If you are looking at an empty screen, you should start creating audiences by clicking on “New Audience” button. Under Audience Source, ensure you are creating for the right website.


Under Audience Definition, click “Create New” to create a brand new audience list with different rules. Such as demographic, technology, behavior, date of first sessions or even conditions or sequence you would like to remarket your audience with.


Once you have all desired requirements selected, click on Apply and you will be greeted with a rough estimation based on your past 7 days user activity. If this is the right set of audience you are targeting at, you are all good to go or else refine and re-build your audience definition to suit your marketing plan.


Create a name for the audience and select “Next Step” and have your audience ported over to google ads.


Finally, always publish your work which make take up to 24 hours for google to approve. Once it’s approved you may realize your advertising spending may decrease due to a remarketing technique you’re conducting on.seo sem digital marketing contact If you’re facing an issue in building a proper marketing portfolio for your users, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts at Adssential Marketing. We help to strengthen your lead funnel while reducing your advertising cost and increasing your lead count with adwords remarketing audience method. If you would like more information on creating and managing a SEM marketing, read more on our SEO and PPC writings to help you improve your digital marketing efforts.

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