Google Email (Gmail) Advertising


Let’s be honest, everyone loves receiving mail. Be it snail-mail or emails, it is a form of showing love and care to one another as humans.

Many brands are trying to replicate this feeling through offering big promotional sales through emails; unfortunately the outcome is not always as expected.

And thus, Gmail advertising is born. Another Search Engine Marketing (SEM) method to reach out to target consumer. Here’s some tips you need to know about Gmail Ads to meet your target objective and sales!

1. What are Gmail Ads?

Gmail Ads known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP), an advertising medium that allows businesses to reach prospects without an email list. They have a green square box that indicates that it’s an ad and not an actual email.


gmail advertising
Who doesn’t love free shipping??


Upon clicking on such Gmail ads, an expanded full screen promotion welcomes recipients with irresistible offerings; made attractive with an eye-catching visual as shown below.


gmail adverts design



So, how does Gmail Ads work?

According to sources and research performed, approximately 1.2 billion users actively use Gmail. With a high volume of users, ads become effective when targeted to intended users based on 4 segmented options:


1. Affinity and custom affinity known as interest and habits of users.

2. In market & custom intent which aims at reaching audiences who are actively researching or planning on something.

3. Remarketing known to reach audiences who interacted digitally with your business before.

4. Automated basically automates all options for you.


In a fast-paced environment, Google simplifies Adwords tremendously with different automation.
When creating Display Ads, automation will always be a default option and its best practice to always turn this off and identify your own audience and targeting.

Automation may sound like God’s gift to your business, but nobody understands your industry better than you do!




Are Gmail Ads Effective?

With vast data and user base, Google targets people with high purchase intent. Repeated searches utilising long tail keywords may imply that a consumer has completed the evaluation phase and is ready to purchase.

Similarly, users who explore “promotions” tab are ready to spend. They would be looking at ongoing deals and promotions that brands have to offer. Users that frequently go to promotion tabs are definitely ready to start purchasing!


Tips & Tricks to create the right Gmail Ad!

Ads are bound by rules and limitations to keep the industry competitive. Thus, dimensions and keywords are important as they can entice users. Here are some of the dimensions deemed useful in creating Gmail Ads.

Collapsed Ads & Specifications:

Logo: 144×144 px; 150 KB, 1:1 ratio (square)
Business Name: 20 characters max (Advertiser Recognised Name)
Headline: Up to 25 characters
Description: Up to 90 characters
Display URL: Up to 255 characters

Collapsed Ad:

Logo: 144×144 px; 150 KB, 1:1 ratio (square)
Business Name: 20 characters max (Advertiser Recognised Name)
Headline: Up to 25 characters
Description: Up to 90 characters
Display URL: Up to 255 characters

Expanded Ad:

Headline: Up to 25 characters
Description: Up to 90 characters max
Business Name: Up to 20 characters max
Call to Action Button: Up to 5 characters max
Logo Image: 144×144 px to 1200 x 1200; 1:1 ratio; 150 KB; (1MB for header image and marketing image)
Image: Minimum 300px x 300px; or 324 x 183 (video thumbnail size); 1:1 ratio
Header Image (optional): 600x200px to 1200x400px

digital ads help

Gmail Ads Best Practice:


1. Rotate Ads indefinitely for 3 months to garner potential data.
2. 3 measurements to take notice, Gmail Forwards, Gmail Saves, Gmail Clicks to Websites
3. Creatives after creatives, do not stop.
4. Quality score, ops… Google does not show you that, but click through rate measurement is all you need
5. Optimize, Execute, Experiment your ads frequently


Up to this point, if you’re still unsure of what to do, our team at Adssential Marketing has a vast experience and understanding of various industries and the trends of Singaporean and expat behaviors.

Besides, it’s always a plus point to engage a vendor to optimize and improve your ROI!

What are you waiting for? Improved Gmail Ads are just one click away!

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