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Brand credibility is often understood as one of the many psychological factors that can trigger the purchase impulse in your potential customers. However, like every trigger factor, it can result in a positive or negative effect. In the context of brand credibility, website branding is one of the very common ways companies try to leverage upon to create brand credibility.

There are several ways a brand can build its website branding and brand credibility among its target base.


website audience segmentation


#1- Online Presence

Building brand credibility starts with being visible to your customers. Regardless of whether your business has or requires a brick and mortar front, it is crucial especially in these times to have an online presence. Research has shown that at least 82% of customers do online research before making a purchase. If you only have a shop front, you would be losing visibility to these 82% of shoppers which significantly decreases the chances of utilising website branding to boost your brand’s credibility.


Adssential assists you by creating a stunning online front interwined with website branding creatives where customers can browse product/service information, view customer reviews and engage with other customers or customer service regarding your business.


#2 – Use Statistics

Without getting to know the brand, the only thing customers can believe in is cold hard facts. However, while you should not be afraid to use statistics in your website branding to your advantage, you should take note to not overuse it either. The statements made should be just enough to give your customers a clear understanding of the benefits of purchasing your product/service.


#3 – Customer Reviews

Once your customers are a little more familiar with your brand, the next most prominent evidence of your brand’s credibility are customer reviews. Unlike data, which some customers may perceive to be manipulated, authentic customer reviews tend to be difficult to fake and creates confidence in your brand and its products/services.


#4 – Do Not Over Exaggerate

While you think a little white lie might not be of much harm, consequences can be dire if your claims backfire. The bigger your claim, the bigger the disappointment your customers will get when your product/service fails to satisfy them. So be careful when making big claims about your product or service in your website branding.


#5 – Customer Service

Probably the most important aspect of building brand credibility is providing great customer service. This is where customers get to engage with your brand the most, therefore, exceeding the customer’s expectation is key to boosting your brand’s credibility. Beyond just solving customer’s issues, your customer service can also use special promotions, tips and tricks and news on new products to attract more customers to engage with your brand..


website audience segmentation


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