#ADSSENTIALWISDOM: Take Your Business Digital With Facebook & Instagram!


Want to take your business online but unsure how?

Let Adssential Marketing take you through on how you can leverage on your social media platforms to run your business online!


With the COVID-19 situation impacting economies around the world, businesses must look to alternatives to continue operations. Facebook and Instagram have established their support for small businesses by creating e-commerce tools on their platforms to be utilised!


Enter, Facebook Marketplace

facebook market place


A relatively simple e-marketplace reminiscent of the likes of Carousell, businesses can simply list products with the relevant information for their audience.


Products are can be further categorised to the groups they belong to for quicker and easier search for the products they need.


facebook marketing Image Credits: Facebook


In the later part of the year, Facebook will also be releasing Facebook Shop, their equivalent of an e-commerce website for businesses.


All you need to do is list your product catalogue and customize it with the relevant visuals and colour scheme that best fits your brand.


Your target audience will be able to browse and purchase directly from this page!


Facebook is also set for a partnership with various e-commerce solutions such as Shopify to provide businesses and audiences with a more seamless e-commerce experience.


facebook digital marketing Image credit: In Bad Company


Facebook Live has also found its way into our lives as a form of e-commerce tool for businesses.


Looking to engage with your audiences effectively? Businesses have turned to Facebook Live to run flash sales, auctions or even as a promotional tool for their brand.


Audiences can respond in real-time and communicate with businesses, creating community engagement and at the same time brands will be able to understand their audience more through this.


Instagram has also come up with various tricks up their sleeves to aid small businesses during this trying period of COVID-19.


Instagram has developed various stickers for businesses to drive sales and orders directly through their Instagram platforms.



facebook instagram

The “SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES” sticker allows businesses to feature a direct link into their page for audiences. Pairing this with Instagram’s algorithm for Instagram stories and the “Explore” page, it can help provide very good visibility for businesses.

With a higher visibility for your business, there will be more new eyeballs on your page that can lead to higher traffic into your page which may turn into enquiries or even sales.


Be sure to utilise this sticker wisely to help push your business’s visibility!



instagram voting


Released primarily for food-and-beverage (FNB) businesses, Instagram has also released the “ORDER FOOD” and “GIFT CARDS” stickers to support smaller FNB businesses that require that additional sales push online.


Across different regions, Instagram has partnered with various food-related software for delivery, reservations and bookings and orders for audiences to browse and purchase directly off your business’s Instagram story.


We are looking forward to seeing more stickers of this sort to support other product-based or even skill-based industries!


Later this year, Instagram will also be releasing a similar interface to Facebook Shop for audiences to shop and browse directly off Instagram Explore as well!


With so many new e-commerce tools at your disposal, businesses should be more than ready to take this leap of faith to take things online!


Find what’s best for your business and create the best online consumer experience for your audience now!


It may sound a little complicated setting all of these up, but fret not!


Our team of professionals at Adssential Marketing work round the clock to ensure we provide the best support for our clients!Drop us a message at [email protected] or leave us a note here and get a free SEO analysis on us today!seo assistance

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