brand visibility

Brand Visibility

Social media presence, a silent yet impactful tool in every businesses’ marketing arsenal. Fledgling start-ups need it, established organisations still believe and continue to develop it. It may sound technical, but trust us, it is easier than you think.

Find out where your business stands with social media presence and pick up a trick or two from the team at Adssential Marketing!facebook twitter instagram When we talk social media, a few names come to mind: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. These are some of the biggest social media platforms used around the world right now.

To date, Facebook maintains its monthly users at somewhere around 2.37 billion; that’s almost half of the world’s current population.

Think about it, out of these 2.37 billion users, how many of them fall under your businesses’ target audience, or are at least within reach?

The sheer number of users can send any new start-up into an existential crisis, clawing at every small bit of social media exposure the brand can get.

Now ask yourself again, is social media presence important?

How can I grow my businesses’ social media presence?


Always, always know who your audience is; it’s half the battle won. Before you can assert dominance in the online domain of your industry, you need to know the target audience that you are flexing this digital prowess towards.

Selecting the wrong target audience may render your efforts futile.

Find out where your target audience usually hangs out on social media and start to grow your presence on that platform.

The bigger your presence is among your target audience, the more new eyeballs can be introduced to your brand.


Be aware of what the business needs currently and set realistic milestones over periods to work towards. With no clear direction, the content produced will not be properly curated and directed towards the goal of the businesses’ current need.

For example, what a new start-up needs is not sales or even customer loyalty but instead, brand awareness. Start to build content that can build the brand’s presence within the target audience.

Always remember, failing to plan will result in planning to fail!
brand consistency


Consistency plays a key role in a brand’s presence. Think about it, when you see a pair of golden arches, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Why and how are the golden arches synonymous with one of the world’s biggest fast food joints?

In every form of branding, be it digital or traditional, consistency helps reinforce the target audiences recognition of a brand.

From the brand logo to any basic information or description should be kept consistent across all social media platforms, regardless of the content.

Always remember, the more recognisable your brand is, the more memorable it will be.


While we have just addressed the issue on consistence; should content also remain consistent?

Contrary to the point above, content should be the department where you get creative and keep things interesting.

Different platforms have different requirements for content, hence your content has to be adapted for each of the different platforms that you will be utilising to reach out to your audience.

For example, content on Instagram would tend to be more visual and aesthetic with a simple yet quotable copy (often from movies or a song lyric).

On the other hand, content on Facebook can be more promotional or educational, providing the audience with slightly more information on a specific product or service the business might be offering.

Treat every platform as a battlefield and adapting to your environment will give you the upper hand in the fight.

Building your business’s social media presence is not rocket science, spend a little more time understanding your audience and the platforms you will be engaging them on and trust us, you will see a difference in your brand’s presence.

If all of this sounded like a bunch of jargon to you, there’s always the option of leaving it to the professionals at Adssential Marketing.

Leave us a message at [email protected] and trust us, we’ll grow onto you after a ads help

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