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What Makes an Award Winning Agency?

There are plenty of awards available for marketing agencies in the market and these awards are presented as a form of recognition and commitment to results that agency have portrayed throughout the years. There are awards ranging from global to local which reward agencies who are transforming businesses through engaging strategies across multiple marketing medium or perhaps one singularity method.


Award Winning

The Award Winning Agency Myth

However, today, being an award winner alone does not equate to real performance and strategies being executed. Yes, awards sound exciting, but we must dive deep into the actual award recognition that was given to an agency. Some awards are not awarded purely based on the capabilities and efforts of the agency. Any agency in the marketing can offer a good deal to attract you into believing they are able to deliver results. Adssential Marketing on the other hand, offers short term trials to showcase our skills and commitment in increasing your traffic, analytics and lead in your industry.


Award winning Based on Performance?

If you were to care about the awards an agency has managed to obtain, focus on awards for performance-based strategies. Results count and it can only be successfully achieved by data insights and technical expertise. Marketing and advertising campaign run are constantly being measured and tweaked to achieve the top performance. However, everybody has a different measurement in performance, one measurement might not be sufficient. Thus, in order to recognised for  a performance driven award, different methods and benchmark have to be put in placed to prove that an agency is being awarded based on performance.


Award Winning Based on Client?

There are awards that recognised top clientele. Such award would be considered as the least of our concern as working with top or biggest clients might not prove an agency’s ability in performing the best. They might be only working on a small part of the entire marketing project and that would deem them as an award winning agency based off clientele.


Award Winning Based on Strategies?

Driven by strategies and results are one common award-winning focus that prospect search for. As these prove the effectiveness in accumulating leads and results based on different marketing campaign runs, such as google PPCsearch engine optimization or even social media marketing. A complete digital transformation might help business to propel further. This would be one of the main award winning Adssential Marketing believe that prospect should be looking for. After all, what matters most to us, is the measurable impact on business results and your customer satisfaction.

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Other Award Winning Awards?

There are plenty of award-winning awards available globally and locally, some of these awards are being achieved by monetary terms, some with actual skillset and knowledge. Therefore, we should always perform our own due diligence in engaging an agency to achieve our marketing goals.

Adssential Marketing has been and continues to be awarded as a Google Business Partner throughout the years since our inception. This proves that Google recognizes our strategies and performance throughout the years. With other recognitions from external sources, Adssential Marketing believes in our ability to achieve your intended objective. Unsure on selecting an agency? give Adssential Marketing a try and unfold your best digital marketing plans and strategies yet. We will help you to conceptualize and reach your intended results and our own benchmark in performance.

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