How to Create a Landing Page

How to Create a Landing Page

As a web design and developer, we understand the needs of having option to build different landing pages for marketing purpose such as running a brand new campaign to measure the effectiveness when an advertisement is click or running a seasonal promotion within a period of time.

Regardless of how your audience land on a page, the primary objective would be to convert these users with beautiful call to actions button and turn these paid searchers into prospect.


Understanding landing page

Let’s cut to the chase, ever clicked on an advertisement and greeted with a web page that does not provide any other options, probably few call to action button? These are what we call a landing page. A landing page serve as a purpose – to generate lead and convert potential visitor. Each landing page are catered to always generate lead, thus beautifying and having different landing page is crucial to success of a campaign with constant A/B testing required.

Landing page contains lead forms, thus in an era of PDPA act and data protection being the key objective in the 21st century. We would wonder, who will ever fill in a data, thus we always aim to collect data that does not intrude a user such as name and merely a contact or email address to encourage such forms to be submitted.

Landing page content would have to be as simple with no distractions and no unnecessary clicks, purely essential information that is compelling and engage a user attention. Thus, you would realized many a times, organization would offer freebies such as “grab vouchers” after completing a form submission to engage and resonate more to a user attention. Who doesn’t love freebies! We all do!



Why is a landing page needed?

Well, we would all wonder, what is the purpose of a landing page if we do have a website. The truth would be you would not need one. However, if you were to run a seasonal campaign, how would you be able to reach out to searchers with the right message and not flood them with thousands of information and products you provide.

A landing page eliminates distraction, and capture the true purpose of your campaign. For example, you were to run a 20% off campaign for a group of age group to measure the effectiveness of these users to a product you are selling. You would not be able to do so without a landing page, as these user would be landing on your website with thousands of products and these might end up not be targeted and distracting a user as options are infinite and they would be spoiled for choices and would head into a consideration journey and not submit a lead form and consult more on the product.

We hope this had made ample sense to you regarding building a landing page and why would it be important to have a landing page. We would walk you through the best way of building a landing page and if you’re into the start of web development, ensure your website is able to cater to future landing page creation.

If you do have an existing website that does not have an option to build different landing page campaign, no worries! We have you covered, you can look into creating a sub domain or running though other software such as instapage or unbounce that does the job in building a landing page. However, you would be worried these would require technical knowledge in website building and development for landing page. This software or your future website you would be building should include drag and drop builder to support non-technical users on creating a compelling website landing page. We do not want to be spending hefty sums of money on agency to help create a compelling landing page for a campaign that would run seasonally. Unless we have the bandwidth of running such campaign, that would definitely be an option to ease your workload on website creation and development and allow the experts in website design and development with marketing flare to help you curate the best landing page.


Landing page best practices in Singapore:

1. A compelling headline to resonate with searchers

2. Create a promotional image or video to iterate the offer

3. Be concise and clear in your copywriting

4. Include a lead form at top of the page

5. Gel in different call to action button on your landing page

6. Always provide a freebies or giveaway to entice user

7. If no offers are available, include thousands of reviews to prove your solution/product

8. Reduce distractions such as navigation

9. Ensure page is responsive to tablet and mobile

10. Use a thank you page for tracking


1. Craft a benefit-focused headline.

Always draft a benefit focused headline. For example, “Win an attractive stay to Japan in 1 day” or “Visit Japan with our selected hotel choices” would benefit you? Definitely would be the 1st option where there is a benefit and is attractive enough to attract and entice the user. What we would need to do to get visitors into our landing page would be to provide attractive headlines to entice and at least get them into first step of conversion, we would measure that as a click-through-rate (CTR). No doubt, over the years of performing and creating landing page, we would safely say that the bounce of rate would be at 50%. If we were to increase the user visiting your website, we would increase the chance of lead conversion.

Thus, the headline would have to be as concise and precise as possible for any landing page with clear, direct engaging message inclusive of your offers to have them convert at later stage of the pipeline funnel.


2. Create a promotional image or video to iterate the offer

Always include an image or video within your landing page. Nobody loves a full writing no image website that is lengthy, images help to cushion the look and feel of a wordy landing page. These images or videos should clearly depict your purpose and offer you are providing. We are always engaging with compelling image rather than words.


Always conduct split testing or A/B testing on different images, as images would resonate differently with different demographic and psychographic of searchers.


3. Be concise and clear in your copywriting

Apart from engaging headline and images or videos, words tells a thousand story too. Thus, we would have to create concise and clear copywriting that is crafted to suit user emotions and purpose. This content should word in a way it is able to resonate a user visiting your landing page for a purpose.

When we mean clear and concise, be accurately clear and always engage them with you or your as a first person point of view. Going in depth, you may conduct search through chatgpt to get better copywriting and reword through that method. This would help give you a better head start on creating clear concise copywriting.

Be generous to your word count, after all, you would not be able to tell a story with just 3 sentences. Always ensure ample content that fits your searcher persona and get ready for conversion once information are digested by them. We live in an information heavy century, where all contents are readily available. User wants to be educated to ensure that they are benefiting and purchasing something that is of high relevance to them in terms of needs, specifications or requirements.


4. Include a lead form at top of the page

Always have your lead form well visible to your searchers! We would want them to convert immediately instead of having to find an option to submit an enquiry. If you had a purpose to create a landing page, you would definitely want to be able to ensure your searchers are properly engage. Provide them the best experience ever, its similar to visiting a shop. Where you have workers readily available whenever you would like to purchase something.


A good placement of lead form would be at the top of the page, which we call it above the fold, these allow them to have it readily accessible. Best case scenario would be a follow through button if they ever need to reach out they would be able to reach the lead form readily available.


Design in a way there are stickies following a user, but beware, do not be overly excessive with stickies as these would cause an irritant to a searcher. A well design landing page should have a menu following you through across the page while you’re scrolling the page down.



5. Gel in different call to action button on your landing page

Once you’re done with headline, images, videos and content, its time for us to insert call to action button. A crucial component within your landing page. It helps encourage conversion, call to action button should always be a contrasting color compared to other elements. You would want your button to stand out and build up a viewer attention apart from other elements. These are your money making buttons where you would be able to garner more leads, thus we cannot stop emphasising on the importance of a different call to action button in different size, colors or even wording within the button.

Be assertive in your words use, for example “get it now”, “download now”, “get now before offer expires in 1 day” or even more. These are common call to action best practices used.


6. Always provide a freebies or giveaway to entice user

Think of your landing page as the best seasonal offer you can provide to your end visitor. Their freebies are an exchange for gathering their lead. It always works! It’s an exchange of gifts we would call it that benefit both parties.

As we know, not all organizations are able to provide offers. If we are unable to provide any offer or sort, we can always build their trust and believe. Provide them with thousands of reviews to ensure what they would be purchasing is worth their time and effort. These are from past experience from users, thus reviews are always a top priority whenever it comes to usage as a user would be able to resonate with another user with the products that a user is using. We would always want a third person point of view regarding a product or solution.


7. If no offers are available, include thousands of reviews to prove your solution/product

As mentioned above, reviews are as important as offers. These reviews would be able to resonate and get acquainted by a searcher within minutes. If a product is of high quality and serving the ultimate purpose, it would also be similar to a visitor who is planning on purchasing that said product or services.

Ask for as little info as you need in your lead form to create a low barrier to entry. A name and an email are more than sufficient to nurture a new lead.


The objective of a landing page would be conversion. Any competing links or navigation would shy users away as options are limitless. If you are offer, we only product A, you would not have any other option to ponder or consider. This would lead you to drop an enquiry. However, if you are spoiled with 10 products, you would therefore be wondering which would be the best option and would benefit you at the most cost efficient manner. Thus, the journey to conversion would end up prolonged and reducing your chance of converting more visitors.


Remove other links on your page to draw your visitors’ attention, only on a landing page. You may still have all other products available on your main website.


9. Ensure page is responsive to tablet and mobile

We would never know how a searcher would be visiting a landing page, it might be from a tablet, a mobile phone or desktop. Thus to ensure your landing page is reaching out to the mass market. Ensure your website is responsive be it on any devices.

Apart from being responsive, we did mentioned that lead form should always appear at top of the page. Ensure these are also working on mobile phone or tablet. Perhaps, after several attempts of optimizing and refining your landing page. A top of the page lead form might not work, no worries! We can always provide call to action button to guide searchers to your exact lead form location. Give your visitors every possible opportunity to convert, no matter how they view your page.


10. Use a thank you page for tracking

Now this is getting confusing, a landing page and a thank you page? Simple, a landing page is where user lands on. A thank you page is where users successfully submit an enquiry form or form lead. We would need to measure and track the performance of such campaigns or seasonal promotions. Thus, by tracking a landing page we would know based on the amount of visit to your thank you page. Nobody would be able to know these link, but you can easily set a redirect to this link once form is submitted to measure your campaign effectiveness.


A thank you page not only serve as an option to track, it allows you to further offer other products and promotion relevant to your user. These give you an opportunity to upsell to your converted users!


Apart from best practices, we at Adssential Marketing would love to guide you on designing your landing page. As a website designer and developer with marketing background and knowledge. Let’s have these shared with you to support you in creating your first or best landing page.


Often, we refer to landing page design as creativity, colors, and pretty pictures. Let’s move one step further in this arena. A well design landing page should consist of proper structure, headlines, images, content, CTA and lastly lead form.


Landing Page Structure

Let’s bring you to real live example, without you having to crack your head and create the best landing page. However, every landing page would require many iterations and testing. We cut short this process to jump you one step forward, as we realize these landing page seems to work with a certain structure.

The structure includes these few pointers:

  1. Attractive headline
  2. Relevant image
  3. Lead form within top of the page
  4. Contrasting call to action button
  5. Content that explains well and relevant to user
  6. Reviews to support your product claim



Landing page

Upon greeted with this layout, are we able to build further with this above the fold design for landing page? We would say yes, but it depends, this might work for your intended market and persona.

We need to know our audience, where are they coming from? What are they purchasing power? What are their persona? Purchase journey to have them convert. Rule of thumb for landing page would always be getting conversions. Thus, let’s dive in further.


Landing Page Layout

The very first fold of landing page depicts clearly on purpose of the company and what they are selling with compelling headline. “Reach anyone anywhere” A phone services with real life scenario or example of questions asked.

However, the lack in lead form at top of the page would not be that great but it might work for this client. Thus without a lead form, we would still require a CTA button. Notice the call to action button would be “see more” bringing them to a lead form to explain further what would they be getting.

Try to work the critical copy into an F-pattern, a standard persona practice in terms of user reading a page while scanning though your website. Have these point covey clearly!


Landing Page Colors

Apart from layout, colors are important and should reflect your website. If you are running a f&b outlet, orange and red would definitely create hunger within a user. However, as a corporate reaching audience, blue would be a go to color to bring out a stronger corporate sense of identity.

Apart from main colors, there are other colors which you need to put further consideration. That would be your click to action button and positioning of such button is crucial to your success of a landing page.


Landing Page Images

Apart from headlines and colors of your website landing page. Another critical visually appealing area would be your images. As depict in the above image, on a glance, we would be able to know what product an organization is selling and how it gels with the product they would be selling.

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