Social Media Campaign Planning

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Social Media Planning

In this recent day and age, almost anybody can be a social media guru. With the COVID-19 situation at its peak in the last period, there has been an increase in the consumption of content through social media as well as more individuals are working from home.


How should one plan for a social media campaign effectively though? Here are some tips from this week’s ADSSENTIALWISDOM!

social media campaign research

Understanding Your Brand/ Create An Identity

It is imperative that before you even begin with any planning, to understand the brand you will be producing the social media campaigns as mentioned previously on how to stay fresh for social media.


When it comes to social media branding, it is important to create a personality for the brand you will be representing. The more relatable your brand personality is to the audience, the more your audience will want to be associated to the brand.


For example, a brand that sells products made up of biodegradable or recyclable materials will resonate more with an audience that is into eco-friendly activities and/or are active in social activities of such manner. Once you understand your brand, you will understand your audience and that’s half the battle won.


Remember To Do Your Research

The very foundation of successful social media campaigns is always the research and effort done before execution. Always conduct your SWOT analysis of the brand and identify what the brand already has and does not have. From there, identify all your competitors and do a side-by-side comparison. Identify your brand’s unique selling point (USP), are you selling the brand or the product/service? There are 1001 questions to be asked, but find the ones that relate to your brand and your audience the most.


With that research and information in your hands, it will be much easier planning the kind of content you will require for a successful social media campaign for your brand. Without prior research done, it is difficult for you to identify what the brand will require from a social media media campaign identity


Create A Style for Your Brand

Often, it is commonly misconceived that a successful social media campaign is about pushing out content on a regular basis. Yes, consistency is a contributing factor to a successful social media campaign, but it is also important for your brand to have its own style that can make it stand out from the rest of the industry.


Pay attention to the most minute of details, from the consistency of the logos across all platforms including the website, to the colour scheme. The more consistency, the more brand recall and association the audience can be evoked out of the audience


A simple method is to come up with a mood board and identify all inspirations that will be influencing the style and looks of the brand across social media and their website. From colours, to fonts and even inspiration your brand will be drawing from will go a long way in creating content and the brand’s identity.Never underestimate the power of a successful social media campaign! With the virality of content on the Internet nowadays, a well-executed social media campaign can go a long way by putting your brand out on the Internet!

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