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These days, it is more uncommon for business to NOT have a website available to the public, to showcase all essential features, products, and promotions available in their web design. However, even with an existing web design, an outdated, confusing or broken web design could hurt your business’ reputation. Therefore it is key to review your web design with companies like Adssential Marketing every few years to ensure you maintain a web design that works, looks good and serve its intended purpose in SEO.

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What is web design?

Web design consists of custom graphics that creates an consistent overall brand look and feel for users that serve your website. Website designing requires numerous skillsets such as expertise in graphics, user experience, interface design, search engine optimization (SEO) and content creation. This ensures that your finalise web design will work hand in hand to produce the ultimate user retention and lead generation medium for your business.

A good web design company ensure your websites engage new prospect 24/7 throughout a daybuild substantial brand credibilitypredict customer behaviour, understand customer experiencestays up to date with competition and target different customer segments at the same time.

Web designing is also closely related to web development, which is the actual coding in the backend that makes your website work. When you’re building a website, it is crucial that you find  a full web development and web designing agency  that specialises in both web designing and web development to achieve your desired website.


Why is web design important?

Websites are generally perceived to be the most valuable digital asset for any business, thus, first impression matters! At Adssential Marketing, we ensure your website layout is optimum in attracting new prospect and feeding informative content to your users.

Every design choice made will affect your website’s usability and conversion rate one way or another. If you think your aesthetic web design does not affect conversion rates, think again. Eye catching images, words and engaging elements help to retain and convert these users.

A well thought out web design structure created professionally, will be able to transform your intended idea into real time website design with appropriate sized fonts, white spaces, click to action buttons, responsive design and a balance of html to text ratio for SEO functionality.

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Web design elements that does not work

We’ve gone over what good design is, now let’s talk a bit about what it isn’t! As a rule of thumb, users should be able to experience a website that is clean, intuitive and well- branded.

Do not:

  • Try attract users with distracting images in the background or have too many animated elements as this will not help in converting these users.
  • Create a non-responsive design as users are more inclined in mobile as compared to desktop in this new digital age.
  • Have links and buttons that are not clearly labelled or misleading.
  • Plan a website’s design without SEO and SEM in mind.
  • Have irrelevant pop-ups distracting users from your brand and website’s purpose.


Creating a digital web design

If you are intending to plan your own web design from scratch, just note that it can be quite a complex process with different things and elements to look out.

There are a few different ways you can get the website you need. You can have few website designs in mind and work from there, engaging a freelancer for simple website creation, or consult a professional web design company like Adssential Marketing to create a comprehensive web design and development structure that will last you for years.

If you are in need of ideas for your website design, hire a designer create a holistic web design but do note that while these designs might be attractive, they may not necessarily friendly to web developers and have digital marketing aspect in mind in attracting, retaining and converting users.

If you would like something simple, you can look for template driven websites such as Wix and Squarespace that allow you to create simple responsive websites. These templates driven website builders work well for small businesses but do not have advanced functionalities for user-customizations.digital marketing help adssential marketing

Building a web design that works

As a business, you would be surprised to see what you can achieve for your business with great web design, development, and marketing elements in built. If you are keen to see how you can get started, you can contact web design companies such as Adssential Marketing. By consulting a web design cum digital marketing company, we would be able to meet and exceed your expectations and achieve more with digital marketing. The more information you have in mind, the better a web designing company will be able to achieve. Contact us here today to find out more!

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