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What is Digital Marketing?

In the past decade, digital marketing has popped up everywhere on the internet. So, what exactly is digital marketing? Digital marketing is the marketing effort in connecting and influencing potential customers online though different mediums. Afterall, internet usage has more than double over the past decade based on statistic from statista. Consumer buying patterns have also shifted to be more responsive online as compared to the past. The addition of COVID issues that have affected businesses globally have seen a significant boost in the number of online purchases.


So what is digital marketing? It consist of different online marketing channels such as search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, electronic direct mail marketing etc. For any companies to start executing digital marketing tasks, the very first step would be to understand what the different marketing strategies are and how can they utilize these strategies.

What Is Digital Marketing Strategies

There are countless different marketing strategies one can deploy. Because the best practices for these strategies are constantly, it is important to first gain a basic level of understanding of these different channels. Let us go through some of these digital marketing strategies.


what is digital marketing


1. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is known for delivering the fastest and most cost effective return of investment on what is digital marketing strategy. PPC works by showing advertisements based on the searcher’s search terms. You can decide how search terms can trigger your ads to appear based on different keyword modifiers such as broad match, exact match or phrase matches and display desired ads. While most people think that Google is the only player to use this algorithm, other engines such as Facebook Ads and Bing Ads also utilize similar platforms.


2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is another one of the popular methods to reach out to target audience segments. If a company is not keen in spending hefty amount on advertisements this will be the best method to get your company webpages to be ranked organically. SEO requires following a list of best practices listed by Google to get a page to rank ranked well and requires sometime to achieve.


3. Social Media Advertising

As mentioned before, there are other advertising platforms other than Google AdwordsSocial media platforms have also started to allow businesses to promote products/services through sponsored content or organic content. Companies normally engage two with audience through paid and organic content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. A good way for these two types of content to complement each other would be to engage existing audiences with organic content while reaching out to white spaces with sponsored content to spread awareness about products.


4. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization will be the science behind your success if you are able to grasp your target segment’s intentions. With CRO, you start by measuring conversion data in order to adjust and tweak your strategies accordingly. Businesses use CRO to get more conversion by adjusting call-to-actions (CTA) on your website and tweaking strategies to meet intended KPI targets out of their existing website traffic.


5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the main important marketing strategies needed to support all digital marketing efforts. Your content is what makes a user convert and helps them to understand your product’s benefits and unique selling points. Google also takes note of these content with LSI keywords and ensure your website is delivered to the right searcher.


6. Native Advertising

Google display network offers native advertising on approved websites. These advertisements work in line with the content of a specific website, so that searchers would can associate your brand with your advertisement helping you to attract clicks and convert these potential searchers.


7. Electronic Direct Mail Marketing

The oldest form of online marketing which still proves to be effective if the targeted segment is picked correctly. eDMs can help ensure your message is delivered to intended potential customer depending on the different buying purchase journey a customer is in. Most often these emails are used to highlight special deals or potential offerings or events.


8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method that many B2C business use to cross-advertise with another vendor. An example you may have encountered are influencers or reviewers promoting products on social media sites. It seems to be a rising trend which companies make use of these different segments of users to reach different group of users organically.seo assistance Now that we have broken down what is Digital Marketing, you may ask “Will Digital Marketing work for my business?”. The answer really depends on what strategies you have chosen to deploy to grow business and garner high conversion rates. However, digital marketing needs to be constantly managed and different nature of business such as B2C and B2B will benefit differently in digital marketing advertising.


Thus, to better utilize these strategies correctly for your business, you should consider hiring an agency to manage your marketing efforts even if you have an in-house marketer to optimize your marketing automations and efforts. Adssential Marketing is a digital marketing agency with years of experience in helping clients achieve their marketing goals with impressive ROIs, curious to see how we can potentially help improve your business? Contact us here!

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