6 Best Tips for Thought Leadership Copywriting

thought leadership copywriting

Looking to showcase your credibility and knowledge as a brand owner to gain more conversion? Consider thought leadership copywriting! In this guide, we will share with you 6 ultimate tips to start or improve your thought leadership copywriting skills to advertise your brand’s products and services and eventually gain more sales.



Understanding between copy writing and content writing

Firstly, it is important to understand that though some agencies use this term interchangeably, copywriting and content writing do differ in terms of the objective they intend to achieve.


Copywriting is any content written for the sole purpose of marketing goal i.e. advertising a brand’s product/services, driving conversion/sales and encouraging a response from the audience e.g. sign up free trial.


Whereas content writing focuses on content marketing goals such as building rapport with consumers, building a positive brand association, and increasing your domain authority. It is usually planned out as a long-term strategy that works in the long run to build solid credibility.


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Now that you understand what objective copywriting intends to achieve, how do you bring in the thought leadership component into your content?


Thought leadership is usually more associated with content writing where you identify issues within your industry or community that has been commonly brought up to answer in a well-thought-out piece that showcases your talent, experience, and passion.


Thought leadership copywriting aims to achieve the same intent, just with a more focused approach. Check out the following 6 tips we have compiled to start your thought leadership copywriting journey!



6 tips to achieve thought leadership copywriting


1. Identifying your field of expertise

As previously mentioned, thought leadership copywriting requires you to share your your own personal experiences to problems commonly brought up in your industry. You will only be able to establish credibility in your content if you are professionally great in that field.


If you oversee thought leadership copywriting for your business, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the core specialisation of my business?
  • What are the challenges we help our customers solve?
  • Why do people come to us for assistance with their problems?


Most topics in the industry have usually been done to death but if you showcase the problem with your unique expert opinion on how the problem can be solved, people will be intrigued to read your article.


2. Researching Real-World Challenges

When you are brainstorming for thought leadership copywriting topics, you need to determine the goal of your efforts. Are you looking to establish credibility or is there a particular field you are looking to be known for? If you’re looking into credibility, a boost in your SEO will help to improve credibility.


Once you have decided that, do a thorough research on topics your consumers would like to learn more about or find a solution for.

The easiest way would be to sit down with your sales team and find out what are the biggest challenges your customers face or use Google Trends to see what your industry is searching for.


Find out how to use Google Trends to your advantage, check out this related article: On google trends!

Leadership content branding

3. Taking a stand

Thought leadership copywriting is meant to showcase your thought leadership. No one likes a thought leadership articles that take the middle road. You should dare to be bold (of course based off claims that make sense) about the future of your industry or opposing the popular opinion. Your opinion could be proven wrong but if you write it with authority and confidence, people will respect your views.


4. Adding value to your readers

You should always consider how you can add value to your readers through your thought leadership copy writing. They should be able to gain insight into a topic or discover a solution to a problem they are facing. Here are some examples of how you can add value to your content:


  • Deep diving into complex concepts and simplifying it
  • Give advice that they can execute (Just like this article!)
  • Provide inspiration to fuel the ideas, thoughts, and spirits of your reader.


5. Bringing in personal experiences and telling a compelling story

It is important to make your content relatable, if your content is too far-fetched or sound too distant, your readers are not able to connect with your experiences. An easy way to overcome this is to bring in your own personal encounters with the topic and how you solved the problem. For example, if you are writing on the topic of engaging readers through copywriting, you can start with your own personal struggles of experimenting with topics and writing style till you found the right combination that your readers now love.


6. Providing evidence for your claims

Thought leadership copywriting can often involve bold claims about the industry, adding the scepticism of your readers, and you might just gain some haters.


Hence, a good thought leadership copywriting article will always back claims up with relevant and credible data. It could be data from your own research or research sourced from highly credible sources. But also note not to just dump the data with zero explanations, you must weave it into the article to add good context and make it easy to understand.seo sem digital marketing contact Thought Leadership Copywriting is never easy to start but follow our tips and you will be on your way to being recognised as a thought leader in no time! Alternatively, if you find it too time-consuming to write articles for your business, check out Adssential Marketing’s content writing services! They have a team that focuses on blending your objectives with your industry’s top interests to generate an article everyone is bound to click into or you may look at different copywriting such as blog copywritingsearch engine copywriting and sales copywriting.

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