Digital advertising VS Digital Marketing: Which do I need?

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To most business owners, digital marketing and digital advertising are interchangeable words that mean the same thing – activities/campaigns that help the business to promote and meet its sales objectives. That is not entirely wrong, however, to understand which function your business needs, you do need to draw a clearer line between the two terms.


In this post, we will discuss some commonly asked questions:

  • Are digital marketing and digital advertising two vastly different functions?
  • Do I need to engage in both digital advertising and marketing?
  • Is engaging a digital marketing agency/ digital advertising agency crucial for business growth?


Advertising agency startup Digital Advertising vs Marketing – Are They The Same?

Webopedia defines digital advertising as promotional material delivered to a target audience through digital platforms, including social mediaemailsearch engines, mobile apps, affiliate programs and websites.


The aim of digital advertising is to specifically reach out where consumers are and display adverts that are customized to their preferences/wants or needs.


A great example of digital advertising are adverts you see on the daily when you use Google’s search engine


digital advertising digital marketing Figure A: Men’s Pocket


Digital Marketing on the other hand is defined as an umbrella term for marketing using digital technologies.


These technologies include of which digital advertising is one of them:


Having shared the definition of both terms, is digital advertising crucial for your business’ growth? Absolutely not. It definitely helps to speed up the process, however, as you can see there are still other technologies that can be used to achieve the same objective.

Regardless, good strategic usage of digital advertising at the right stage can help you to generate traffic or even convert sales!


It is the same with digital marketing, while the world is moving online, there are still advantages to offline marketing tactics with businesses becoming very successful without engaging in digital marketing at all. However, these cases are quite rare and do require a very clear marketing campaign planned out in advance. Therefore, we do highly encourage businesses to still consider utilizing digital marketing campaigns, especially digital advertising to help build brand awareness.


Do I need to engage a digital advertising agency to experience business growth?

It depends on your in-house team’s expertise and availability of budget. Digital advertising is an avenue that requires a time and effort to continuously manage and adjust strategies which can be quite a stressful task if you do not have a dedicated team member handling it. Hence, we usually advice smaller businesses to consider starting out with us as you seek more capable team members. Even then, agencies are able to play the role of executing the strategies you have crafted in-house which will help to save a lot of time and resources on your end.seo sem digital marketing contact If you are considering starting your digital advertising journey, Adssential Marketing has a team of digital marketing experts that cover all the different technologies digital marketing has to offer, including digital advertising. If you are keen to find out more, click here!

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