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What Is Online Marketing?


Online marketing, a process in which an organization advertises on web-based channels about their brand, products, services to potential prospects. When we talk about online marketing, we’re making use of emails, social mediasearch engine optimizationGoogle AdWordsgoogle display network and many other channels to reach out to users where they spend their time reading, searching, shopping or socializing online.


Statistic have shown that internet usage per individual in Singapore is increasing with an average of 6.48 hours spent online. Strong internet presence for businesses and individuals have generated new channels of advertising including those mentioned above. Before online marketing emerged, the cost of marketing products and services can be very expensive and difficult to measure.


A classic example would be TV ads campaign, which were measured through consumer focus groups to determine the levels of brand awareness. Today, anyone with a business profile can create a simple online presence by building a website at a low cost and market products and services online with the ability to measure these marketing campaigns and improve based on data-driven information from different marketing


Benefits of Online Marketing


The key benefit of practicing online marketing will be the vast options of different marketing automation and data driven measurement. Organizations can measure the impact of any channel and better study how are visitors being acquired through paid marketing, re-marketing, display advertising, search advertising or organically search. Further analysis can also be done to determine which channels are most effective in acquiring new customers, recurring customers, and valuable customers.


Wondering how you can ultilise online marketing can help leverage your company and convert more searchers 24/7? Here are some tools which can be used to build and maintain a robust online marketing strategy.


Get Started On Your Online Marketing Journey


The first step in starting online marketing is to evaluate your goals and ensure proper measurements are in place. Are you looking for 1,000 visitors? Garner 500 new sign ups? Generate 20% increase in lead generation? Improve recurring purchase customer by 10%?


After setting clear objectives for your online marketing activities, decide on how to you want to construct an online presence that can help in achieving desired goals. Create a corresponding online marketing strategy coupled with a few online marketing milestones along the way. If blogging is one of the methods to build up your subscribers, look into setting up a blog and strategize on content marketing with compelling and knowledgeable information to attract subscribers. Encourage customers to leave strong reviews to build a stronger reputation/credibility and improve your subscriber rate. You could also create different case studies or info-graphics to reach out to your target audiences. These are all powerful tools in attracting them to convert.


In order to track your efforts accurate, install basic analytical tools in your blogs (like Google Analytics, which is free) to measure your marketing efforts and improvising on poor performing events and areas.


If you feel that setting up online marketing channels or strategizing and executing online marketing campaigns are a daunting tasks, do not hesitate to contact Adssential Marketing. Our team of digital marketing experts can provide you and your team with valuable information to help improve your current online marketing and offer a few strategies to bring your organization digital presence forward. Contact Us Now!seo assistance

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