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programmatic advertising

What is programmatic advertising? Some may have wonder how you can utilize different digital advertising method such as programmatic advertising that has been widely rave. You’re in luck, let us break down just what is programmatic advertising is and explain the best targeting practices that effectively capture the attention of consumers in today’s digital ecosystem.


It is increasingly dauting process to have your advertisement placed in different marketing channels and measure the effectiveness of each different marketing channel. However, programmatic advertising solves this process with an automated buying and selling of online advertising.

This automation makes transactions efficient and more effective, streamlining the process and consolidating your digital advertising efforts in one technology platform. Such technology helps to streamline the spray and pray tactic with proper algorithm setting, ad buyingplacement and optimization process are more efficient.

programmetic advertising singapore


An Example of How Programmatic Advertising Works In Real Life:

Advertiser Adssential Marketing wants to sell more website hosting services. It utilizes a programmatic advertising platform that is able to identify online consumers based on few general demographic details such as:

demographics (male / female / 22 – 45),

geography (singapore),

interests (website hosting, website developer, building websites, web designs),

behaviours (consumer visiting different web intent searches during office hours),

time of day (8am – 7pm)

device (desktop, mobile)

Thus, the platform uses real time data to identify the best online audience for your campaign and purchase it through an auction in places that suit your consumer behavior. These advertisements are personalized in accordance to consumer unique touchpoints and behaviors. For example, if searcher X is looking for web design, an advertisement portraying discounts together with web design and hosting would only cost $xx amount would entice a searcher to make a call to action.


What’s the secret to successful programmatic platforms?

programme advertising


At the heart of every programmatic advertising platform, a strong machine learning algorithm will analyze campaign inputs and user behavior so real time campaign can be properly optimized and consumers who are bound to convert are identified as a target.


Benefits of Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising helps buyers and sellers make data-driven decisions and remove the spray and pray model from ad buying process. Effectively optimize your budget with high efficiency and campaign success. Better ads targeting that suits different users and platforms during specific time frame. Reduce workload and streamline advertising campaigns in the long run.seo sem digital marketing contact Conclusion, will Programmatic Advertising the Future?

Programmatic advertising enables advertisers to effectively optimize advertisement to reach most desired markets and demographics with the use of data. Through an automaton and machine learning programme, target most meaningful consumers that helps to generate income. However, a start in such programme will require time and effort at the initial phase of your marketing campaigns.

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