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Search Engine Optimization VS. Pay-Per-Click Ads

As a digital marketing agency, we would often get enquiries on the difference between SEO and PPC Management, which is better for their business and should they only be looking at managing SEO or PPC campaigns or both? The answer ultimately depends on your current situation and the objectives of your marketing campaign you have set to achieve.


SEO & PPC Management

There is a main difference between SEO and PPC.

seo ppc managementAds known as Pay-per-click (PPC) can help you to appear at the top of every organic search made, however, that involves a system where you bid for a top position to be seen. Whereas SEO helps you to pull organic traffic from search engine for free, requiring constant effort to get ranked on the first page. In many cases, SEO and PPC campaigns can work well together if the strategies are aligned. Here are some ways you can integrate the two digital marketing strategies together.



Most obvious benefit of combining your SEO and PPC campaign efforts is an additional boost to your search engine ranking. Businesses usually start to reduce PPC efforts once a search term has ranked at the top to reduce costing. However, it is important to remember that top 3 assets spaces are reserved for PPC ads. Tweaking the desired keywords might be more effective than to reduce on PPC efforts.


Data sharing between SEO and PPC campaigns

Simultaneously running SEO and PPC management strategies provides you with additional data on conversion rates, keywords searches and heatmap to help determine and improve for your next strategy. Once you understand and are aware of non-converting keywords you can utilize PPC to remind prospects of your business offering and perform page ranking improvement strategies for SEO.


Using PPC Ads To Push Organic Content Strategy

What works for PPC often works for SEO. Through conversion results of different ads rank based on A/B testing and keywords conversion, you will have a good idea on how to improve your SEO title tags, meta titles, meta descriptions and page content cutting down additional steps on SEO A/B testing.


Understand your SEO and PPC keyword lifecycle

Running PPC campaigns does not only help increase conversions and generate leads, you will be able to figure out commonly used keywords for a mentioned product or services. This information can provide valuable insights into improving your businesses’ SERP.


Combat Negative Reputation

Occasionally, your business might run into some bad review or PR about your offerings. You can, through the efforts of running PPC ads and SEO effort, to greatly reduce the risk of negative comments. For example, an ad push future prospects to a proposed landing page to tell a different story and how proper actions were taken to ensure these negative reputations were properly mitigated.

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In conclusion of SEM VS PPC Management

These are some insight into why you should consider running both SEO and PPC campaigns at the same time. However, what works for other might not necessarily work for you. Thus, engaging a SEO and PPC Management agency would help streamline your marketing efforts and reach your desired KPI. Adssential Marketing has a team of experts to understand and provide digital marketing solutions for you to improve on your existing strategies to attain your desired marketing results. Want to find out more? Contact us here! You may also explore Magento SEO solution to help with your magneto sites or other SEO tools for your specific content management system sites.

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