How Much Does It Cost to Design a Website in Singapore?

Cost effective website

Getting ample different quotes for website design and costing, feels like a maze you are unable to make a good, informed decision? You’re not alone! It’s a common challenge for business start up or running businesses trying to get a good competitive quote.

Now, let’s break it down. If you’re eyeing a straightforward one-page site, you’re looking at an investment of less than $680. Although this cost defers depending on your requirements and functions required in a website. Need a bit more flair with a customized website with template for easy duplication and changes? That might set you back at $990-5,000 SGD depending on requirements and scope of work needed to perform such functions. However, if you’re dreaming bigger with fully customized solution or looking at heavy weight website such as an e-commerce, you might be set at a start figure of $4,000 onwards or might be playing with a higher budget with top notch design at a range of $20,000 onwards.

Here’s the scoop – yes, there are plenty of folks out there claiming they can whip up a website. You’ve got developers, designers, freelancers, that person sipping kopi across from you, and the friendly face next door in your shared workspace all vying for your attention. But here’s the kicker: “You get what you pay for.” Sure, there’s a spectrum of prices, but consider the expertise, the quality, and the long-term impact on your business. Invest wisely, my friend! Your website is often the first impression you make in the digital realm, so make it count.

Let us dissect this piece of article on costs to design a website in Singapore and how you can better make precise decision depending on your budget and requirements. Definitely, there are room for negotiation and removing certain functions to meet your budget needs for all web development agencies.



  1. What’s your mission and plan for your website?
  2. Which platform are you eyeing to be building on?
  3. Unravelling the cost of a Singapore website, breaking it down for you and what you would expect to receive?
  4. Website design and development costs in Singapore
  5. Planning your website design
  6. Examples of bad website design
  7. Hop on the bandwagon and build a website at cost effective rate


What’s your mission and plan for your website?

Starting a business website is simple, however, you might need to be sure who are your customer? What would they do upon visiting your website, whether would it be a lead source generation or branding and informative information to keep them updated. There should always be an action for search users be it coming from organic searches or paid searches or earned media channels. How would you channel these users and engage them to provide you with something in return?

All these are part of elements that would affect the cost of your website and performance. In an instance, if you are running an eCommerce website with subscription, payment and other modules basis as the core functions. These are additional cost you would be looking at. Thus, depending on your website budget, an idealistic is for it to scale from a small website to a larger website with more additional functions.

Remember that failure to plan is planning to fail, thus planning would be crucial whenever it comes to website building. Do not be put off with all technical website aspect of it, speak to any web developer and have them digest and walk you through what is needed for you to achieve your main objective.


website platform

Which platform are you eyeing to be building on?

Selecting of platforms play an important role on the cost of building a website, be it you are in Singapore or globally station, any web creation would definitely cost you an amount. Either it would be a bigger monetary value or smaller monetary value. This is primarily due to the expenses associated with strategy, design, development testing, marketing, and sometimes plugin and theme requirements for the final site.

Whether you opt for WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Craft CMS, Webflow, Shopify, BigCommerce, Weebly or DIY builders like Wix or Squarespace, your platform choice will greatly influence not only the initial investment but also various ongoing expenses in the long run.

For instance, creating a custom WordPress eCommerce solution with WooCommerce and multiple plugins will be considerably more expensive than establishing a simple Wix website as a startup that requires all your own time and effort to have them set it up. With bugs and error you would have to rectify within yourself or through their support whom will give you advice and you would still have to fix it within your own bandwidth. If you were to look for a web developer to have it build up, these sections and issues are well taken care of while you can concentrate on planning on better strategies and other matter that’s more important for you.


Unravelling the cost of a Singapore website, breaking it down for you and what you would expect to receive?


Building your own website with platform services such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and many more.

Many small business owners and online store startups find using website builders on hosted platforms like Wix, GoDaddy, or Squarespace appealing. No doubt these platforms offer a low-cost or even free entry point, typically around $20 USD per month or lesser. However, if you were to calculated these cost on a longer basis you would be fighting with a custom build website that range close by if it’s meant to run in the long run. These would add on additional cost if you require more function or more tools to assist with your website. Which would increase the cost on a monthly basis.

These hosted solutions make it easy to create a website, they come with limited control and ownership over your data. Additionally, users are often restricted to the templates and free plugins provided by the platform. Furthermore, platforms like Wix and Squarespace have minimal SEO capabilities, resulting in limited SEO results or expansion of your website. This could lead to future business growth or migration in the long run. No doubt, they are a good start up if you are looking at a simple get to go website at the very start and work out its effectiveness.


breaking down website cost

A Basic One-Page Business Website Cost in Singapore


Estimated Website Cost: $680 SGD on lower

There are thousands of website designer and web developers that could provide a reasonable rates, however what are we looking at in the long run?

Usually, these are basic information that you would be looking at in terms on cost. However, at Adssential Marketing, we promise no additional costing and these costing will be named out to you if additional functions or requirements would be required. On a basis, most website will always stick to the costing that would be provided.

The key to offering such services at affordable cost would help business to grow, as they grow we grow. Thus we believe in assisting start up and companies looking at a website.

The build up allows you to edit content and images without restricting such options, we believe that this should not be a restriction as website belongs to you and you should have the intellectual rights to have these edited in the near future if required.


A custom template website using WordPress or other CMS


Estimated Website Cost: $990 SGD – $5,000 SGD

A good looking website are available in the market for wordpress, joomla or drupal based CMS website. Building with customized structure and design would help to achieve a more defined brand identity and custom functions. These would help most businesses looking for website to be able to fit with the affordable price tag that comes with such web design and development service.

Building on such website would still requires an understanding from business owner on the direction and approach they would like. Strategies would be pave out for it to align with such custom template website creation to suit the brand guidelines and the user journey and future expansion, SEO or SEM add on for the website.

So, while it may look good and fit your budget, how much does it cost in terms of lost revenue and will it help you achieve your goals?


A custom development solution website design and development in Singapore


Estimated Website Cost: $4,000 SGD – $20,000+ SGD

A higher price tag calls for more custom and professionalism in web design and development by agency. This professional custom development solution would be building a website from scratch with all source code and every single nitty gritty details on website functions and website needs being customised and build from scratch.

A lot of discover and customization and strategy planning are involved to build something that is not within the norm that awe even the professionals. These would gel together with your needed integration and also the type of conversion you would be looking at. Typically, such price tag would best fit for organization that are looking for very specific niche of customization and development of it.

This might come with additional add-on such as copywriting, search engine optimization, performance, speed, email marketing, integration, calender selection and many more. Which would enhance on appearance of website development and design yet providing high authority of website and security of website integrity.


Website with eCommerce functions on website in Singapore


Estimated Website Cost: $4,000 SGD – $20,000+ SGD
Lowest Cost: $1,900 SGD

We are in the century where ecommerce shops are readily available for user to make purchase on the go. These functional websites that includes e-commerce are highly sort after due to the nature of lower cost compared to a retail store and would not come easy with the use of building on shopify or even squarespace. Thus, bringing the price tag a little higher than usual.

However, if you are looking for very simple ecommerce website. Adssential Marketing would be able to assist with this even at a lower price tag depending on website function and development requirement. We have built ecommerce website even start at a range of $1900 and it is functioning as how owners intend to use it.

Other platforms used such as shopify, squarespace are also key considerations. However, if you are looking for additional add on. You might be bringing up the cost to around $400 USD per month or even higher depending on the needs and function. Adding these up would not be the most cost effective option available. Without these additional add on or requirements, a shopify or squarespace might be a go to option if you’re looking for something simple and easy to manage without having high cost but limited functionality.


That said, some ecommerce websites require certain function such as membership, loyalty points or even marketing tools with SMS gateway to be integrated within it. These are opening up high costing bracket and they can be costly implementing, adding and debugging such technical aspect on the website when it comes to such specific requirements and functions.

These are some informative content regarding the costing of website development and design and what you would be looking or expecting within Singapore. As a pure basic locally grown up company within our local soil in Singapore, Adssential Marketing has been working with many clients within various industry verticals and would be able to provide you more definitive context and opinion on how our local Singaporean would react when it comes to a website. Reaping rewards sooner rather than later.


Website design and development costs in Singapore

Being in all honestly to benefit our readers and searchers regarding website development cost. It might look costly compared to a freelancer who can build it at $50 compared to our offered rate. However, we are looking at a list of pros and cons within this context. We would not want to be facing with an issue where diffuclties arises and website is not being able to be rectified or you are paying for something which you can build it up within a wix website. That will not be ideal at all!


Being a local WordPress developer in Singapore

A quality website creation or web builder would be able to provide a higher quality website that wow and retain users with proper set up and best practice method. These are all experience and skills that website developer agencies have built throughout the years and showcasing their work of line within their portfolio.


  • Build custom requirements based on your needs
  • Uses top use cased and technical knowledge
  • Have your security protected
  • Experience in building different variation of websites
  • Always ready for requirements or need in debugging on certain issue
  • Offer full package that includes hosting and SSL
  • Always a one point of contact regarding and website issue that you are facing


  • A higher price tag you will be looking for
  • Limited rounds of changes
  • Additional cost that might occur due to not included scope of work halfway through web development




As a freelancer point of view in website design and building

Let’s all face it, we will definitely do a price comparison within our market and find the best fit for budget. Looking into optional areas such as freelancer would be an option to explore for better cost effective website building.


  • Lower cost
  • Ready and eager on pre-sales journey


  • Overpromised on scope of work
  • Designing flare and creation would take up ample time delaying in completion of work
  • Inexperience in industry vertical
  • No well proven methodology or strategy on website building
  • No support
  • Not optimized
  • Would not look professional upon project completion



Personally, building a website with selected platform

Yes, a good choice if you looking for a simple website with no special functions or options. Real simple, we would iterate once again. Trust us, it may look simple on building it personally, but you would end up looking into youtube and searching of ways to fix or rectify some issue which a web developer can do it within minutes. While you concentrate on other matters.


  • Save on website building cost
  • Ready-made template to be used
  • Support ready 24/7


  • Support only recommends and would not solve your problems
  • Burning hours building or trying certain functions to have it professional looking
  • All websites would look the same
  • Monthly cost may increase in the future
  • Hidden cost not known
  • Limited features and option to scale



Planning your website design


Define Your Requirements

Start with the big picture on your website. Meaning why are you creating this website? Is it to showcase your portfolio, sell products, or share information? Understanding your purpose is the compass to guiding your design decisions and functions.

It could start with anything next to be is it meant for generating leads, selling products such as having an ecommerce, or providing informative information to generate monetary value through advertisement or forum use.

These are first step in planning your website so we have an understanding what comes next to it when creating a website design and development while keeping the website cost in check.


Know Your Website Audience

After defining the requirements, we have to understand who this will be meant for which we call it your target audience. Get to know their preferences, needs, habits, influence and tailored your design in accordance to your website to resonate best with your target audience.

For example, if you are selling socks, this would be look upon on past testimonial and reviews. Apart from that, it should include what are the sizes and best fit for. Who are your past purchases. What value does it bring to a user whenever they have that socks. Does it last forever with warranty and one to one exchange or its for a charity cause. These are also important in affecting the user purchase journey within your website.


Sketch a Rough Layout and Plan Your Content

Content is king! Image it goddess. Grab a pen and sketch out a basic wireframe or structure you would love to have in your website and you would be able to picture the user journey within your website. From header, navigation, content to footer. Once you are done with this, plan on the content, which content should be appearing on different pages. These help to walk a user through and have them ending with a purchase or enquiry.


Choose a Color Branding

Color evoke emotions and set the tone. Pick a color palette that aligns with your brand look and logo. This would bring out your professionalism in website and appeal to searchers or viewers. Certain color does affect your look and feel, here’s a tip, if you are looking for something corporate and professional. Have blue included within your color options. If you are providing an F&B service, have orange as a color source as orange affects one person appetite based on studies made. We are Adssential Marketing for a reason, being a marketing and website development agency, we understand these colors and would suggest to you best fit colors to better bring out your professionalism look within the website.


Incorporate Visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use high-quality images, graphics, and multimedia to enhance your website look and feel. As images takes up most of your website space, it appeals and affect one person option to enquire. You would not want to be visiting a website with a low resolution image and does not look appealing and might seem like a fake website.


Test and Iterate

Before proceeding from a staging website to a live website. Look into the user journey and test it before a website grand finale or launch. Click through as you were a visitor and observe if there are any bug or issue that arises within the scope of work. These would help you to better picture it and await your enquiries come flooding into your inbox.


SEO-Friendly Structure

Ensure website is catered for SEO work. SEO friendly option should be a must within a website. You would start to work on SEO work within your website or engage an agency to have these implemented within your website. SEO work such as meta tags and title tags are readily available for your to do changes or next agency to take up the work and deploy best practices to influence google to rank your website as quickly as possible.


Hosting Solution

Look into hosting as this will be the main structure to dictate your speed. Definitely a better host would require additional cost, but these cost should not be saved up. You would not want to have your user waiting for your site to be loading at a longer pace. Select hosting within local country such as Singapore, these will improve your overall optimization of website. No doubt US hosting are much cheaper however, these would definitely affect your hosting speed and loading time. Which would not be an idea solution.


Examples of bad website design

A bad website design it’s a big no no in Singapore. Some website may cost low which in return a design is not well thought out of and would be quite disastrous. Let’s look into some of the web design we had with and have revamped it to allow for better conversion.

Bad design are always coupled with website speed, cluttered design and many add-on which are not optimized or set properly. Confusing user would not be an ideal option as user would spend only a top 10 seconds within your website to decide if they would be retain to read more or leave.


Cost of website design

Case study:
An upcoming green initiative business within Singapore. Providing green wall and green roof solution however on inspection. Their previous website have no clear direction and information are not well thought out. Technology running within the website gets to be depreciated and causing a few website issues.

Utilizing a full website designing and development service, we deploy strategies to best fit their growing business with different call to action buttons. Clear and professional look to awe audience. Within their industry, architect are top most influential and images would be the main key option. Website with heavy loaded images would delay in loading speed thus additional technology would have to be deployed within the website keeping updates and easy changes at top most priority.

This resulted in better conversion and leads generated within a niche industry. With important key highlights and proper strategy and technology in placed.


Web Development Cost

Case study:
A waterproofing website aimed at reaching out to clients who are require services immediately. Previous website lack website structure for SEO and website development have been build personally without much thought out strategy and deployment of technologies.

Adssential Marketing have propose a full website revamp to inculcate a strong website branding coupled with proper user journey with reviews and solutions methodology.

Website have seen tremendous improvement within the SEO space on many ranking at top of the page within the 1st page for SEO being performed. Navigation are well thought out to ensure users are looking at specific needs, reaching out to both contractors and common residential looking for water leakage solutions. Coupled with additional click to action button to attract and past review and records of work done. These have improve website leads and quality closure within 3 months.


Website Design Cost

Hop on the bandwagon and build a website at cost effective rate

Looking into the website cost in Singapore, you could have a better informed decision. While it’s important to have these pointer included such as SEO, website structure, navigation, hosting, domain and many more. Budget would also be one of the key areas in website development. Look into a flexible website design and development agency that provide you with adjustable quotation to fit your needs. Main crucial point would be to investigate the strategy and your purpose of website which Adssential Marketing adhere to and propose the best fit option that would be beneficial in the long run.
You would not want to be wasting a lower costing for a poor performance website that does not generate many returns but instead have a better price point of costing and select the best that suit your industry and would be able to connect with you on a level that would beneficial when it comes to website cost and web development.

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